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What makes PrivateVPN so powerful?

ZERO Data Logging Policy
Our Swedish privacy laws mean there’s NO traffic logs kept to be seized by governments.
Unlike many other VPN providers, even WE don’t know what you’re doing online.
IPv6 Leak Protection
So your identity stays safe even if you’re suddenly disconnected from your VPN
2048-bit Encryption With AES-256
The highest level of encryption on the market, even used by government militaries
PrivateVPN iOS App
So you can gain 100% anonymity with a single click, no copy-pasting dozens of VPNs manually every time
6 Simultaneous Connections
We’re the only VPN provider to connect upto 6 different devices simultaneously, all to unique IP addresses
Unlimited Bandwidth & Speed
So you’ll never deal with buffering videos, slow downloads or timeouts due to routing hops seen with other providers
Servers In 63 Countries
Get access to all of our servers in 63 most-popular countries to access geo-restricted content
Complete Support
We don’t use freelance customer service reps, you talk directly to our developers for help
FULL 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!
If you’re not happy with your VPN service, we’ll refund you every penny within 30 days
Killswitch Feature
Automatically suspends your internet connection if you disconnect from your VPN, preventing data leaks.
VPN Protocol Includes OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IKEv2 And IPSec
If you prefer an open-source VPN application we’re happy to give you all our VPNs
Free Remote Help + Installation
Having issues with our service or just need help? Don't worry, we help you remotely for free
Anonymous Torrenting / P2P Friendly
We allow you to use any P2P traffic in the UK. We buy high quality network capacity directly from top IP Transit providers
Port Forward
We offer at least one open port on our service which is vital for torrenting
And we’re always adding more servers, features and benefits to our service!

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15,000 Terabytes of data encrypted. 99.98% uptime. Rapid speeds. No wonder our users stay with PrivateVPN for years, even after trying other providers!

I am a long time user and the product is excellent. In all those years it has proven to be a very reliable product and the the case that you have a question or problem their support is superb: very fast and always very useful answers / remarks. I highly recommend this product. For Netflix users, PrivateVPN works very well. I watch Netflix in several European countries and so far without any problems. Read Review!

Wim van Ek ★★★★★

PrivateVPN is awesome! I’m using it for many years now.
I’m using it to watch Netflix when i’m abroad and to watch international content when i’m at home.
There are never any problems with the servers.
On top of that, the customer support is highly responsive. Read Review!

Gregoire ★★★★★

The service is impeccable in itself, with myriads of supported operating systems, both with their own custom client and with free and open source clients. What really stands out however is the level of support they offer. Not only do they help you solve the problem and answer the questions you have, but they do it at all hours of any day – day or night, Sundays and weekdays, even holidays – you name it. I’ve never waited more than a couple of hours to get help, even when I’ve contacted them way past bedtime. Read review!

R.A. ★★★★★

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