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Mozilla Firefox

Step 1

Download and Install the latest Mozilla Firefox browser: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/

Step 3

Click the FoxyProxy Extension icon and then select Options.

Step 4

Click +Add

Step 5

Enter the following settings:
Title or Description: (any name would do)
Proxy Type: SOCKS5
Proxy IP address or DNS name: se-sto.pvdata.host
*you'll find the server list here.
Port: 1080
Username: (your proxy username)
Password: (your password)
*you'll find your proxy credentials by logging in to our website then proceed to Control Panel.
Click Save.

Step 6

Enable the proxy by selecting the profile that you have made.

Connection Success!

Click on What's my IP? to see your new IP address and location: https://getfoxyproxy.org/geoip/