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Can you use a VPN on an iPad? You can, and you should. Optimize your online experience with the fastest and safest iPad VPN. With PrivateVPN, you can be sure your data and identity are secure as you stream content, send emails and messages, browse the Internet, through our custom iPad VPN.

Why is our iPad VPN rated 5 stars?

  • Safest iPad VPN ensuring 100% anonymity.
  • Fastest iPad VPN providing maximum speed through unlimited bandwidth.
  • Most secure iPad VPN protecting your data with 2048-bit, military-grade encryption.
  • Connects up to six devices to your VPN at once.
  • Comes with a full 30-day money-back guarantee + free support!

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What is a VPN on iPad?

A VPN creates a secure tunnel from your iPad to the VPN server that protects your data when you browse the web or stream content. When you connect to your iPad VPN, you don’t have to worry about any of your private data or activity being discovered or logged. Without a strong iPad VPN, the following data is visible and at risk whenever your iPad connects to the Internet:

  • Your current location and address.
  • Your passwords for online banking, social media, and other personal accounts.
  • Your entire browser history.
  • Your full download history, including video streaming and peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing.
  • Your online purchase history and application data.
  • Email and Whatsapp messages, including sent and received attachments.

Any time you’re using the Internet on your iPad without a VPN, your data, browsing, and streaming activity is vulnerable to hackers who may be trying to steal your financial data or your identity. It’s also likely that your activity and data are being logged by an ISP or a government body. Choose our highly secure iPhone VPN to go online with freedom and confidence.

Our iOS VPN app works on all iPhones that are iOS version 9.0 and higher. Download the app here.

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Why do you need an iPad VPN?

A high-quality VPN on iPad both optimizes your online experience and protects you from cyber criminals no matter where you may be using your iPad. More specifically, you need a VPN because:


What data is visible without an iPad VPN?

Whenever you use the Internet on your iPad without a VPN, the following information is at risk:

  • Maintain your privacy and security while using any public Wi-Fi network on your iPad.
  • Enjoy completely secure Internet browser and app data on your iPad.
  • Watch your favorite iPad streaming platforms in countries where they’re geo-restricted.
  • Hide your identity, location, and activity from ISPs, governments, and hackers
  • Torrent and file share without fear of being intercepted
  • Send/receive files, images, videos, and messages with 100% privacy

What Makes Our VPN Service for iPad So Powerful?

How To Use VPN on iPad?

Step 1 Download

Download our VPN for iPad (iOS) and install the dedicated PrivateVPN software for iPad immediately after signing up.

Step 2 Log in

Log in with your username and password.

Step 3 Connect

Select any country which you prefer and hit connect.

Enjoy a 100% private, safe, unlocked internet with peace of mind

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