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Using an Android TV VPN ensures you remain private and anonymous whenever you’re connected to the Internet. With smart TVs becoming more and more common, any Internet-enabled device is a potential avenue for a breach of privacy.

Why is Our Android TV VPN Rated 5 Stars

  • Get the fastest speeds and unlimited bandwidth with the Android TV VPN that enables seamless streaming.
  • Maintain your privacy from ISPs and governments.
  • Protect your personal details.
  • Bypass government censorship to access content from anywhere.
  • Easy-to-install in three simple steps.
  • Custom VPN protocols for your browsing habits.

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What is a VPN for Android TV?

With PrivateVPN, we make it simple to use a VPN for Android TV to secure your media streaming and browsing habits.

Anyone using a VPN is fully protected because their IP addresses and location are hidden from prying eyes. Without a VPN, every piece of data transmitted and every file downloaded is a potential target for snoopers. PrivateVPN provides you with military-grade encryption to ensure nobody can see what you are doing online.

Moreover, if your government engages in online censorship, your Android TV VPN breaks through those walls and enables you to access your favorite content. Go even further by accessing geo-restricted content so that you can enjoy movies and TV shows from anywhere in the world.

Make sure none of your data is passed onto any third-party activities by your ISP, hackers, or even your government.

PrivateVPN specializes in providing unbreakable VPN tunnels that ensure anything passing between your Android TV and our VPN server is kept secret, including from us. A VPN on Android TV operates no differently from your standard desktop computer VPN. It functions in the same way and is downloaded in the form of an app.

Our VPN is also compatible with other Android devices, including firesticks. Maintain your privacy and protect your rights with PrivateVPN now.

Why Do You Need an Android TV VPN?

Many people believe that their TV is one device that doesn’t require its own private and secure connection. Cyberattackers are increasingly searching for new avenues to steal your data and destroy your privacy in the digital age.

Your TV may be telling others more about you than you would like. The Android TV best VPN is there to silence it. Today, a VPN for any Internet-enabled device is a must-have.

Defend Your Privacy

Defend Your Privacy

Ensure nobody knows what you are watching or searching for. Your content streaming should be your business.

Stop Attacks

Stop Attacks

Even Android TV is a potential avenue for cyber-attackers, including through malware injection.

Break Website Blocks

Break Website Blocks

An Android TV VPN Netflix enables you to access streaming websites from anywhere. Don’t let government censorship control which content you can access.

Eliminate Geo-Restrictions

Eliminate Geo-Restrictions

Watch your favorite movies and TV shows even when streaming platforms have geo-restricted them. An Android TV VPN lets you watch from anywhere.

Stop Throttling in its Tracks

Stop Throttling in its Tracks

ISPs will often throttle download and streaming speeds based on traffic type. When you install VPN on Android TV, you take away an ISP’s ability to throttle your speeds based on the kind of traffic.

Opting for a VPN for your Android TV set and box vaporizes the capabilities of ISPs and governments to control your viewing habits, learn more about you, and steal your data. Take back your freedom with the power of the best VPN for Android TV.

What Data is Visible Without an Android TV VPN?

Your data is available on whenever your Android TV connects to a network. Nowhere is safe, including your own private home connection. Here’s what someone could see when you connect to the web without the protection of a VPN:

  • Your whole browsing history
  • Login details for your apps
  • Private messages
  • Viewing habits
  • Every download you’ve ever made
  • Any purchases you’ve made
  • Where your Android TV is connected
  • Your payment details

Many already know these types of data are juicy targets for criminals online, but governments and ISPs increasingly lay claim to your data under the guise of security. Unleash the power of your VPN and stay anonymous whenever you turn on your TV.

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That’s Why We Created the Best VPN for Android TV

Are you a law-abiding citizen with nothing to hide?
If so, that still doesn’t give anyone the right to see what you are doing, much less your ISP or a shady government agency. Privacy is a human right, and that’s why we don’t believe anyone should be able to look over your shoulder.

Millions of people are unwittingly sharing their personal and behavioral details. With an Android TV VPN, you take back your privacy. You can join more than 44,000 users who have taken advantage of the world’s most potent VPN since 2009.

Our VPN solutions for Android TV are designed for anyone who cares about their privacy in the comfort of their own homes. Be anonymous and take back your rights with PrivateVPN.

With PrivateVPN’s ultimate solution, you get:

  • Unbeatable data protection
  • Make geo-restricted content on BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and Netflix a thing of the past.
  • Use any WiFi connection with 100% privacy
  • Stay anonymous by hiding your location
  • Safeguard your viewing habits
  • Ensure any download remains private

What Makes Our VPN Service for Android TV So Powerful?

No Data Logging

No Data Logging

We will never know anything about your data because we follow Swedish privacy laws that actively prohibit the practice. Even we don’t know anything about your online activities.

Connect with 10 Devices

Connect with 10 Devices

Simultaneously connect to your WiFi with your Android TV and up to 10 other devices, each with its own unique address

IPv6 Leak Protection

IPv6 Leak Protection

Make sure your identity remains safe even if you temporarily disconnect from your VPN.

No Restrictions

No Restrictions

Get the unlimited speed and bandwidth when running your Android TV, with no slowing, buffering, or timeouts.

High-Quality Encryption

High-Quality Encryption

Take advantage of the same encryption as the military, with 2048-bit encryption with AES-256. No encryption is better

Covered in 63 Countries

Covered in 63 Countries

Select from any one of 63 major countries to connect to access your favorite content from anywhere

Anonymity with a Click

Anonymity with a Click

It takes just one click to connect. There’s no need to copy and paste multiple VPNs manually.

Developer Support

Developer Support

We never outsource our customer service division. Talk to the team behind PrivateVPN whenever you have a problem.

Open-Source Options

Open-Source Options

If you prefer an open-source option, we’ll give you access to PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP, IPSec, and IKEv2 protocols.

Full Moneyback Guarantee

Full Moneyback Guarantee

Not happy for any reason? We’ll give you your money back within 30 days, no questions asked.

How to Install VPN on Android TV

Wondering how to use VPN on Android TV? We have made it so anyone can install their VPN and start browsing in a matter of minutes.

Step 1: Download

Create your account and download the dedicated Android TV VPN from your device.

Step 2: Log in

Use your login credentials to access the app.

Step 3: Connect

Select any of the 63 countries supported by PrivateVPN and begin browsing anonymously.

We understand that installing a VPN on an Android TV for the first time can be intimidating. Contact our customer support team if you need help with creating an account or troubleshooting. We will be happy to help whatever the problem.

You can also browse the PrivateVPN site for specific installation instructions for Android TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does PrivateVPN Work on all Smart TVs?

Absolutely! We have built our VPN to be easily adapted to cover smart TVs produced by all the major manufacturers. Our VPN is compatible with Apple and Android-powered devices.

Will this work on Android TV and Android TV Box?

Yes, PrivateVPN will work on both. Make sure you read through our dedicated installation guides for a smooth startup.

Should I use a free VPN on Android TV?

Free VPNs fail to offer the same features and encryption levels as paid VPNs like PrivateVPN. While free VPNs offer limited protection, they have shown time and time again how vulnerable they are to data breaches.

Will a VPN slow down my browsing?

Never. Unlike our competitors, our Android TV VPN is designed to operate in the background without compromising your browsing experience. You will never experience buffering content or slow downloads when you use PrivateVPN for your Android TV.

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We are dedicated to enabling everyone to reclaim their right to online privacy. Take advantage of the only solution offering 100% protection for your privacy and security.

Our team is so confident that you will love our Android TV VPN that we offer everyone a free 30-day money-back guarantee. Tell us if you’re unhappy for any reason and we’ll give you every penny back.

Join the thousands of smart Android TV users and protect your right to anonymity now.

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