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Service down

We're making a service update with cause VPN service unavailable and authentication fails. You will get a message with wrong username or password and it wont help resetting your password.

* 06:50: Something went wrong on the update which cause this to take longer time than expected. Our tech team are working on the issue.
* 10:02: New service is being installed and we're still down.
* 11:26: Migrating data from old infra to new infra.
* 13:47 All data has been moved. Linking all VPN systems to the new infra
* 15:22 ETA when this will start to work again: Minimum 2 hours. Possibly 3. Certainly 4.
* 18:24 We're up and running now! We are still making some small updates that may cause a short disconnection.
* 22:40 Mac, iOS and Android devices had login issues. This has been fixed now!