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Huge system upgrade

Today, 09/04/2016, we're staring a huge upgrade of our VPN servers including new back-end system for our VPN services. There will be two bigger steps that will be done over the time.
1. Reinstall VPN servers with latest VPN server software.
2. Configure new OpenVPN instance with new settings.

Step one will cause downtime for all VPN services for the specific VPN server that's being reinstalled. We'll installing latest version of OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP, enabling port forward(IP leak vulnerability when using port forward) and IPv6.

Step two will demand a new software upgrade due to new configuration for OpenVPN. A new software for Windows will be released and new configuration files OS X, iOS, Linux and Android, which needs to be replaced with current configuration files. Today we're supporting both TAP and TUN for OpenVPN, but new changes will only support TUN. We'll also adding higher encryption. We will only start with step two when step one is done.

Status of upgrade:
Country Server Status Port Forward Fix IPv6
Australia vpn-au1.privatevpn.com

vpn-b1.privatevpn.com REINSTALLED!

Canada vpn-ca2.privatevpn.com REINSTALLED!

Germany vpn-de1.privatevpn.com REINSTALLED!

Germany vpn-de3.privatevpn.com REINSTALLED!

Denmark vpn-dk1.privatevpn.com REINSTALLED!

Spain vpn-es1.privatevpn.com REINSTALLED!
Switzerland vpn-ch1.privatevpn.com REINSTALLED!

Finland vpn-fi1.privatevpn.com REINSTALLED!

France(Paris) vpn-fr1.privatevpn.com TO BE REINSTALLED
France(Roubaix) vpn-fr2..privatevpn.com REINSTALLED!

Italy vpn-it1.privatevpn.com REINSTALLED!

Luxembourg vpn-lu1.privatevpn.com REINSTALLED!

Netherlands vpn-nl1.privatevpn.com REINSTALLED!

Netherlands vpn-nl2.privatevpn.com

Netherlands vpn-nl3.privatevpn.com TO BE REINSTALLED
Norway vpn-no1.privatevpn.com TO BE REINSTALLED
Poland vpn-pl1.privatevpn.com REINSTALLED!

Romania vpn-ro1.privatevpn.com REINSTALLED!

Russia vpn-ru1.privatevpn.com REINSTALLED!

Sweden(Kista) vpn-se1.privatevpn.com REINSTALLED!
vpn-se2.privatevpn.com REINSTALLED!
Sweden(Kista) vpn-se3.privatevpn.com REINSTALLED!
Sweden(Kista) vpn-se4.privatevpn.com REINSTALLED!
Sweden(Kista) vpn-se7.privatevpn.com REINSTALLED!
Sweden(Stockholm) vpn-se5.privatevpn.com REINSTALLED!

Sweden(Stockholm) vpn-se8.privatevpn.com REINSTALLED!

Ukraine vpn-ua1.privatevpn.com REINSTALLED!
Great Britain vpn-uk1.privatevpn.com REINSTALLED!

United States(Washington) vpn-us1.privatevpn.com REINSTALLED!

United States(New York) vpn-us7.privatevpn.com REINSTALLED!

United States(Miami) vpn-us4.privatevpn.com REINSTALLING...
Singapore vpn-sg1.privatevpn.com REINSTALLED!