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VPN Browser Opera - 5 Things to Consider Before Using

Thinking of switching to the VPN browser Opera? These 5 things will make you consider, should you.

When you search for a VPN browser, a number of similar things will pop up. “Unlimited” and “free.” What most of these searches don’t mention is these 5 issues that we mention in this VPN browser Opera guide.

1. Most VPN Browser Can’t Unblock streaming services

Opera? It’s a well-known browser and commonly used browser, and not because it’s a VPN browser, but because it has been out for several decades at this point, building its reputation.

 But Opera can’t associate itself with unblocking content.

And unfortunately, that’s what it takes to unblock content.

It’s not as simple as connecting to an American server and using Hulu, ESPN+, or any of the other geo-blocked apps.

What you need to do is to use a server that is able to unblock these platforms.

Hulu isn’t available in Europe, and connecting to any American server isn’t going to change that.

That’s because Hulu has to make efforts against VPN services, as it doesn’t have the rights to show a lot of its content outside of the US.

2. Your VPN on the VPN Browser Opera Only Works When Using the Browser

Perhaps the biggest thing to consider when thinking about getting the Opera browser is the fact that it only works on the browser.

For instance, if you have the Netflix app on your computer, which allows you to save movies for offline use, you can’t use it with the app because the VPN only works within the browser.

Meanwhile, with services such as PrivateVPN, whether you are in the browser or using an app such Netflix, on your phone, laptop, or TV, it doesn’t matter. It will work at all times. 

3. VPN Browser Opera Doesn’t Give You Many Options

With PrivateVPN’s focus on quality over quantity, you aren’t going to get thousands of servers like with some VPN services, but nevertheless, you are still going to get several hundred of servers, giving you more control as far as your exact location.

The benefits of that?

If the VPN browser Opera was able to unblock many streaming services in the first place, it would allow you to unblock much more services.

It would also be a much better choice as far as safety. 

If certain software you used at work saw you in a random location in Europe, there would be a high risk of having to go through security measures. If you were connected to your region, using a VPN, you would not have this issue.

4. Opera Lacks Extensions

When asking why the Google Chrome browser is the most popular browser out there, one thing comes to mind. Extensions.

The Chrome browser is super power hungry and lacks privacy, but it does offer awesome extensions.

The Opera, in contrast, has very few extensions.

And for a lot, especially those looking for a VPN when working from home, lack of extensions is a reason why a lot pass on the VPN browser Opera just like they pass on a lot of other browsers, and why they stick to Chrome, even though, they don’t necessarily want to stay with it.

5. It’s Missing the Vital VPN Features

Opera might have a VPN, but it is missing some features that every VPN needs.

Features such as having a Kill Switch to prevent the internet from working, resulting in potential exposure, in the event of a VPN stopping working.

...If a VPN doesn’t come with such a feature, it’s not fully safe. That’s because it only takes a second to expose someone.

BONUS: Opera is Chinese Owned

While Opera started out as a Norwegian project, in 2016 it sold to Golden Brick Capital Private Equity Fund, which is a consortium of Chinese companies.

Of course, that does not mean that Opera is now owned by the Chinese government, but if you look at how things tend to go, you could connect the dots and realize that the only VPNs that work in China, not including the ones with Stealth VPN, are under some partnership with the government of China, which otherwise has a ban of VPN services.

Those Are the 5 Things to Consider Before Using the VPN Browser Opera

By all means, try the Opera browser. It’s different from other browsers, and you may like it.

...But if you are looking to get a browser for a VPN, it’s not a great option, as it doesn’t really stand out in anything.

The server options are low, the platforms that can be unblocked are low, and the privacy options overall are questionable.

Written by Micahel Smolski.