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5 Things VPN Services Don't Tell You (From a VPN Service)

“Use VPN services,” they tell you. The fact that they left somethings out, they never tell you. Here are 5 things VPN services don’t tell you that you should know before it’s too late or you end up disappointed.

1. That If a VPN Service Is Fully Free, It’s Not Really a VPN Service!

As a business needs to make money...

VPN services aren’t charities.

They somehow need to make money.

When something is free, you pay with the currency of privacy.

That applies to every service out there.

Even if someone wanted to offer you something for free, you need to think about the costs of doing that.

Running servers to keep a VPN running isn’t cheap.

And that’s why free VPN services do not work. 

VPN = Virtual Private Network

A service that’s meant to protect you can’t collect data.

Yet, selling data is how most free VPN services are powered.

Facebook’s Onavo VPN is a great example of a VPN that was free and collected data on users.

If a service is fully free and you see no other ways in which it makes money, it’s most likely selling your data. 

2. That Having a Server in a Specific Country Won’t Guarantee an Unblocking of a Streaming Service

The biggest thing VPN services don’t tell you is that more is not better.

A VPN service with thousands of servers does not at all guarantee that a service will work with all the streaming services out there.

That’s because it doesn’t just go down to having a server in a country of a platform you want to access.

Most Streaming services have measures in place against that.

They have to because if they don’t, they will get in trouble.

That’s the reason for why PrivateVPN, while not having thousands of servers like some, is able to unblock the most Netflix regions on the market as tested by Comparitech.

And also the reason for why PrivateVPN is able to unblock the world’s top streaming services.

3. That a VPN Service by Itself Often Isn’t Enough

Another thing VPN services don’t tell you is that while VPN services keep you secure in most cases on the internet, there’s more than 1 way to be exposed.

For instance, while VPN services will encrypt your data and will change your IP, browser fingerprinting also exists.

That means that while you may have changed your IP address if your language is set to be English (Ireland), you have a 4K screen resolution, while rocking Windows 10, with a specific graphics card, there is a possibility to link that up with you even if you change your IP address.

For most, a VPN service will offer enough protection and will for sure protect them and their data in public places such as airports and cafes, but if you are doing something where full protection is required because you suspect some high power people will get involved, you need be aware of the fact that a VPN

service might not be enough.

4. That Not All VPN Services Protect You

Not everyone has your interests in mind.

And well, that’s just part of life in everything.

The issues start when a VPN company tells you that it doesn’t store logs when it does.

And when you never really know about it.

That has resulted in people going to jail in the past.

After all, when a VPN company gets pressured by a government, it’s going to help them.

At PrivateVPN, we don’t do that.

  1. We can’t because of Swedish laws.
  2. We simply don’t have logs to give away to governments nor to even look at, by ourselves.

That recently resulted in us losing one of our Indian locations.

The Indian government wanted details on the usage of a user on one of the servers we had operating in India, and since we didn’t even have it, we had to terminate the contract with them.

5. That It Isn’t as Simple as “Fast”

If you go into any VPN website, one thing you will be told is that their VPN service is the fastest or that it’s super fast.

The reality is that it’s much more complicated than that.

How far away the server is from where you are connecting?

Your distance plays a crucial role in the speed of a server. After all, you are virtually connected somewhere else.

If service A has is on-paper faster server than B, but A is in LA when you are in Europe VS B being in New York, then there is a probability that the NY server will beat or match the LA server even though the LA server is better.

And what if you live in the middle of nowhere and your internet is super poor? A VPN isn’t going to make your VPN lightning fast.

What is, however, the truth is that quality of servers matters.

There’s a huge difference in streaming and downloading of content depending on the quality of the server.

And that why at PrivateVPN we’ve made the commitment to switch to our own hardware with our own servers with the support of Tier 1 network providers rather than constantly trusting hosting providers that aren’t always honest in what they offer, resulting in inconsistent quality.

These Are the 5 Things VPN Services Don’t Tell You

Why make a post about 5 things VPN Services don’t tell you? As it matters.

At PrivateVPN, we treat our customers like family, and that means being open about the situation.

Written by Michael Smolski.