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Connection issues

Right now, our server provider for Windows PrivateVPN client API server has issues. This cause that our client can't reach our servers for API requests. This only affect our PrivateVPN Windows client.
Error message you'll receive: "Could not retrieve user account information"

Clarification: This only affect our PrivateVPN Windows client, customer still can use PPTP, L2TP or OpenVPN GUI, which other VPN clients. You'll find instructions under "GET STARTED"
  • 14:21We are still investigating the root cause of the disturbance in Stockholm DC
  • 14:28Problem is in one of our distributionswitches in the Stockholm DC
  • 14:46The switch is restarted, and we are reloading from backup
  • 14:56We are still working on getting the distribution switch up and running
  • 15:02The switch is being rebooted again
  • 15:07We are getting closer to a solution and are hoping to have everything up and running again in 10 minutes
  • 15:19Switch is starting up.
  • 15:25The hardware is up and running and services are gaining network access again
  • 15:36We are seeing some problems again with the same switch. We are investigating.
  • 15:57Switch back up again, we're working on stabilizing the situation
  • 16:01Parts of the network still have issues. Technicians are working on the issue.
  • 16:29Issue not resolved, troubleshooting still in progress. Will update every 30 min.
  • 16:59Troubleshooting still in progress, issue is related to abnormal traffic volumes hitting the switch CPU.
  • 17:27Some services is back to normal, other still in progress.
  • 17:56The problem has been found, and is now isolated. We are currently running on lower capacity than normal, will be fixed within a few hours.