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Service down in Sweden - Bromma

Service down in Sweden - Bromma due to fiber cut.

06:10 Kaia Global Networks' Network Management Center got alarmed by a loss of connectivity towards our core equipment in Telecity, Stockholm. We are already working with our 3rd party supplier for this particular route. We will issue another update as soon as we do know, what exactly happened and how we will move forward to resolve this issue.
We thank you for your co-operation during this outage, if you have any questions about this outage, please reply to this email and a ticket will be opened to assist with answering your question. Also we sincerely apologize any inconvenience this outage will cause you.

11:20 Our fibre provider informed us that the exact fault location has been identified, that a splicing crew is onsite and assessing since 30 minutes. We expect the repair to start soon. Unfortunately no ETR can be provided at the moment.

11:48 We were informed by our fibre provider that the fibre cut was caused by road works. There is major damage to the fibre and digging works are conducted to access the cable. The splicing of the cable will be starting as soon as the digging works are completed.

12:37 Our fibre provider has informed us that the digging work was completed and the splicing of the cable has started

15:30 Our fibre provider informed us that the splicing has been completed. Unfortunately we are still experiencing an unidirectional loss of signal on the fibre. Our fibre provider is dispatching the fibre team to the closest location to perform an end to end test of our fibre for further investigation. This ticket has been escalated within our fibre provider to ensure a fast restoration of your service.

16:19 Our fibre provider informed us that they have located the second fibre cut on the route and have dispatched a splicing crew.