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New server in Russia

Our server in Russia has been replaced with a new server and a new internet provider due to poor speed. Speed test on the new server:

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Connection issues

Right now, our server provider for Windows PrivateVPN client API server has issues. This cause that our client can't reach our servers for API requests. This only affect our PrivateVPN Windows client. Error message you'll receive: "Could not retrieve user account information" Status: 07:20Problem with one of our SAN 07:40..

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Service down in Sweden - Bromma

Service down in Sweden - Bromma due to fiber cut. Updates: 06:10 Kaia Global Networks' Network Management Center got alarmed by a loss of connectivity towards our core equipment in Telecity, Stockholm. We are already working with our 3rd party supplier for this particular route. We will issue another update as soon as we do know, what exactl..

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VPN not working

Right now the VPN service are down. We're working on it. *Update* 10:00 Service back to normal. We're sorry for the inconvenience. Email to get one extra day.

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VPN service Unavailable

The VPN service has been unavailable since some ours due to a misconfiguration on last weeks action. We're working on fixing this right now and update will be posted. *Update* 09:30 We're applying the fix on every server now. This will cause a fast restart of L2TP and OpenVPN service. *Update* 11:22 All servers are fixed..

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VPN servers update maintenance

We'd like to advise you of an planned maintenance in our VPN environment. LOCATION: Whole VPN service START: 2014/06/06 08:00 UTC FINISH: 2014/06/06 10:00 UTC DESCRIPTION: PrivateVPN will be performing a update on all VPN servers, which af..

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Heartbleed - Update 1

We'd like to inform that all OpenVPN servers has been patched with the latest version of OpenSSL. There are two steps left to fix. 1. Update our client with latest version of OpenVPN and OpenSSL. 2. Generate new certificate. This will cause some downtime and disconnection of clients for a short time. We'll post more information.

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Server UK

Server in UK location 1 are down due to network issue on the site. We're working on it with our provider. *Update* 18:46: Network are up now.

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