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OpenVPN configuration files updated

OpenVPN configuration files for OpenVPN GUI for Windows, OpenVPN for iPhone and Android, Viscosity and Tunnelblick for Mac has been updated with new servers and locations.

New updated files can be found here, and don't forget to remove all old files and servers before:
OpenVPN Gui Windows TAP: https://privatevpn.com/client/OpenVPN-Gui-TAP.zip

OpenVPN Gui Windows TUN: https://privatevpn.com/client/OpenVPN-Gui-TUN.zip

OpenVPN for Android: https://privatevpn.com/client/PrivateVPN-Android.zip

OpenVPN for iPhone: https://www.privatevpn.com/client/PrivateVPN-iPhone.zip

OpenVPN Vicosity and Tunnelblick Mac OS X TAP: https://privatevpn.com/client/PrivateVPN-TAP.zip

OpenVPN Vicosity and Tunnelblick Mac OS X TUN: https://privatevpn.com/client/PrivateVPN-TUN.zip

OpenVPN for Linux, edit /etc/openvpn/privatvpn.conf: Server list