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Connection issues again

Right now, our server provider for Windows PrivateVPN client API server has issues for the third time now in two weeks. This cause that our client can't reach our servers for API requests. This only affect our PrivateVPN Windows client.
Error message you'll receive: "Could not retrieve user account information"

Clarification: This only affect our PrivateVPN Windows client, customer still can use PPTP, L2TP or OpenVPN GUI, which other VPN clients. You'll find instructions under "GET STARTED".
  • 11:30 Problem still exist.
  • 11:48 After adding more disks to the new SAN we have some performance problem, due to rebalance of data.
  • 13:39 Extra hardware is on its way by courier.
  • 16:40 We will begin to restart servers at 17:15, ETA. 20.00
  • 20:47 We are starting customers VMs.
  • 21:50 We are starting VMs slowly and monitoring I/O load.
  • 22:54 VM´s are failing due to connectivity problems. We are investigating.
  • 01:01 We are seeing new issues and have to start over. Problem reported to vendor.
  • 02:46 About 1/3 av affected VM´s are now running OK
  • 08:03 1/2 of of affected VM´s are running OK. Second half we will try to bring online around 10.00.
  • 10:25 3/4 of all affected VM´s are now been powered on. Last 1/4 of VM´s we will try to get online around 13.00
  • 12:20 Everything has worked as planned this morning. Less than 1/8 of VM´s are still offline. Please have in mind that the situation is critical until all VM´s are up and reported as OK
  • 15:44The last VMs are now beeing started. We think we have all server up and running within 2 hours.
*SOLVED* 18:19

Seems like all of our servers are up now and everything should work as expected. We're very sorry for the inconvenience caused
and will offer our customers 2 days added to the account. Please email for the compensation.