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New VPN client for Windows

Finally we have a new VPN client for Windows. At this point it's in beta stage which means there may be some bugs in the VPN client. If so, please report this to Client for Windows7, 8, 8.1 and 10 can be found here: Client for Windows XP: https://pr..

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Some VPN customers getting disconnected

Seems like we have a small issues on our API server for the Windows VPN client that makes some customers disconnecting time to time. We've made some updates on the server and monitoring it now for 48 hours to see if we still get some disconnection issues. *Updates* 2014-12-03 18:51 Service seems to be stable again after 24 hours. We're s..

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Connection issues again

Right now, our server provider for Windows PrivateVPN client API server has issues for the third time now in two weeks. This cause that our client can't reach our servers for API requests. This only affect our PrivateVPN Windows client. Error message you'll receive: "Could not retrieve user account information" C..

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Issues with Viscosity

There seems to be a issue with the latest version of Viscosity. Able to connect, but unable to browse or use connection. Solution:

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PrivateVPN client issues

Lately we have received mails regarding client issues after we moved to a new system. If you face a message "Could not retrieve user account information", try this fix: 1. Close privatvpn.exe, this can be done through task manager 2. Install the client from:

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