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How to Get Unlimited Wi-Fi at Stansted Airport for Free

Sure, Stansted airport offers free Wi-Fi for up to 4 hours, but Stansted is also a massive hub for unofficial in-direct flights from budget airlines that often consists of staying over for the full night at the airport, or otherwise most of the day. If you are waiting at Stansted for 6,8, or 10 hours then that 4 hours is nowhere near enough. And to pay pretty crazy sums considering you are only getting access to a few hours of Wi-Fi every single time you fly.

And there’s a way to pretty much get unlimited Wi-Fi at Stansted airport for free.

How to Get Unlimited Wi-Fi at Stansted Airport for Free

On this blog, we help people unblock blocked parts of the internet whether that’s the use of internet like with this blog post about how to get unlimited Wi-Fi at Stansted airport for free or whether it’s about how to unblock the likes of American Netflix or DAZN in the UK. Getting unlimited Wi-Fi at Stansted airport for free? It’s not that hard once you know what needs to be done.

The key to getting unlimited Wi-Fi is to trick Stansted into thinking you are a different device after the 4 hours is over. When it comes to accessing American Netflix in the UK, we talk about how you need to virtually be in the US. This? This is a slightly different process as it essentially involves changing a special unique code assigned to your device.

It’s called a MAC address which stands for media access control. A MAC address to put simply is an address for the likes of your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi in your device. That’s what the likes of Stansted airport or other airports use to prevent you from using free Wi-Fi for too long. If you can change your MAC address, then you can get unlimited Wi-Fi at Stansted airport for free.

To do that, you need a MAC address changer.

  • Firstly, search for “Tmac v6” on Google or just press on the link we provided so that you can find the MAC address changer by this company called Technitium.
  • Download it and install it.
  • Once you open it, on the top of the app, you will see a list. There find Wi-Fi. You should see data being sent and downloaded on the right side when you do.
  • Press on Random MAC Address followed by Change Now!

And just like that, you have unlocked 4 more hours of Wi-Fi at Stansted, for free. Repeat the step after another 4 hours bypass. When finished using, restore to original.

But there is a problem with this method as it only allows you to get unlimited Wi-Fi at Stansted airport for free on desktop devices. There is a solution to that.

How to Get Unlimited Wi-Fi at the Airport for Free on Mobile Devices

Phones are great, but there is a reason why they won’t replace a computer or a laptop for a very long time.

It is possible to change a MAC address on a mobile device, but that requires rooting or jailbreaking your device. But a MAC address change on a mobile puts your device at risk of never working again which is why we won’t get into that. Instead, we will offer an easy alternative that will work provided you have access to a laptop.

What does it consist of? Hotspotting. Merely hotspot your phone by either using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth from your laptop.

How to Keep Your Data Safe and Access Block Sites While Using Free Wi-Fi?

You already know how to get unlimited Wi-Fi at Stansted airport for free, but what you don’t know is the price that you get it at. Whenever something is free, you tend to pay with the currency of privacy. Data around your usage could be collected and used for advertising purposes, but even worse, what you are actually doing could be seen by other users with a few simple tools. For instance, you typing your hotel of stay on Google could be comprehended by someone else.

That’s an extreme example that most likely won’t happen, but extreme examples tend to happen exactly at the moment when you think they would never happen.

A VPN is a solution to privacy issues. Hence it’s even used by governments. And PrivateVPN? It comes with 2048-bit encryption with AES-256, the highest available on the market, meaning that you will always be protected.

But let’s face it, if you are looking to get unlimited Wi-Fi at Stansted airport for free, you most likely will watch the likes of Netflix as you are most likely staying over for the night. And that’s where PrivateVPN becomes very useful. You can easily connect to the likes of the US in a press of a button, to virtually be in the US to watch American Netflix with PrivateVPN which supports the most Netflix regions on the market, as tested by Comparitech, as not every VPN works with Netflix. Services like Netflix constantly take action to prevent VPN services from working.

That’s How to Get Unlimited Wi-Fi at Stansted Airport for Free

MAC address changer is vital. A laptop too if you want to get unlimited Wi-Fi at Stansted airport for free. And PrivateVPN? If you don’t have anything to hide, and won’t be working or accessing anything sensitive, then perhaps you don’t need it, but if you want privacy while also having access to block sites, perhaps you should consider it, either way, this is how you can get unlimited Wi-Fi at Stansted airport for free.

Written by Michael Smolski.