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Is a VPN Really Necessary in China in 2019?

The internet is known to twist things to sell products. Maybe you are going to China and have been told that you need a VPN and are wondering is a VPN really necessary in China in 2019? This post will break down why you most likely don’t but also why you should.

Where Are You From?

Where you are from will be a big factor when determining is a VPN really necessary in China in 2019. Do you think that president Donald Trump would let China put an American into prison in China for doing something illegal in China? Highly unlikely. Although we would have our doubts if it was somebody from the CNN.

As far as your safety goes and whether a VPN is really necessary in China in 2019, if you are from China, a country of smaller influence, or a country that is a strong ally to China, that’s where a VPN might be necessary. As that’s where a VPN might be a difference between your freedom or not, when you are in China.

A Chinese VPN owner got sentenced for 5 years not that long ago. You might not be a VPN owner, but you might still be Chinese and using something that’s banned in a communist country. And by banned we mean illegal. Highly illegal. And if you are accessing something that’s also illegal in a country with an illegal tool...

China Knows Your Every Move!

170 million cameras right now. 400 million by the end of 2020.

China knows pretty much all of your moves. It only took its system 8 minutes to find a BBC reporter. And while it might seem like it’s for safety, if you cross the road when you are not meant to, that can lower your credit card score in China. If you buy video games, exactly the same. Eventually, you can even get a travel ban. That’s if you live in China of course.

What Kind of Information Do You Have?

Are you working on the next big thing? Great, except this thing called a “patent” does not exist in China. Companies and the government in China are known to steal and duplicate ideas, prototypes, and already made products. So if you are wondering is a VPN really necessary in China in 2019 from a perspective of your data, absolutely. You either protect what you own, or somebody can make it their own.

And sure, somebody might copy your product anyway, but it’s a lot easier to create something when you have the blueprint and a recipe than by guessing, right?

“Information” isn’t exclusive to just to product ideas though. If you have any passwords or even contact details for people, that’s also at risk. Most countries can hack, but there are legal limits. China is free to do whatever it wants. You are fully exposed. Of course, there’s a lot of people in China, and why should somebody care about you or your data, but China also has 2 million people working as online police.

But for Most, Is a VPN Really Necessary in China in 2019 Isn’t About Protection of Data but the Access of Data

When you go to China, it’s like you are making a move back in time. Take away all of the social media in existence minus the Chinese controlled platforms of course!. Take away just about every tool you use. That’s what it’s like to be in China.

People think that VPN services make it seem a lot worse than it is but check the reviews of airports in China. You will find people complaining about not being able to access anything at the airports when flying via China.

It’s a real thing, and if you don’t prepare for it before you arrive in China, you might not be able to access anything until you leave. And when you have emails to access, and people to respond to, you don’t want to have to deal with that.

If you don’t use the internet, you don’t need a VPN. Based on the fact you are here though, it’s pretty clear that you do use the internet, and if you are asking is a VPN really necessary in China in 2019, it is, and you will regret your entire trip if you are without it. We hope you don’t have to find out about that the hard way.

What Is the Best VPN for China in 2019?

The best VPN for China is the one that works in China.

If China is taking action against VPN services in the first place do you think that a VPN will even work in China? If you have the money of a government to take action, absolutely not!

China has a system that is able to detect if one is using a VPN.

If you are, well, a VPN won’t work for you.

That’s why you need Stealth VPN. Stealth VPN can trick even the Chinese government. If you use it, you will be able to access whatever site you wish to access.

What is the best VPN for China in 2019? At PrivateVPN we aren’t going to tell you we are the best ever. Test us out, and determine that yourself. What we can tell you is that we offer the best VPN service for Netflix. If you want to access more than just American Netflix, we have you covered. Even if you want to access Korean Netflix. We are also one of the only platforms that support DAZN, the platform that lets you stream live sports.

To access social media, any VPN that supports Stealth VPN will work. Any at all. But to get Stealth VPN you will have to pay, and if you are going to pay, what do you prefer? 60+ American servers that work with only a few services, or servers all over the world that support the widest range of Netflix locations, and platforms like DAZN, while at the same time being the best VPN for value as chosen by bestvpn.com

Join us now, or don’t, either way, if you are wondering is a VPN really necessary in China in 2019, it absolutely is, China turns the internet into the internet in the 1980’s.

Written by Michael Smolski.