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How to Stay Safe in a Cheap Hotel in Russia During the World Cup

Do you want to stay safe in a cheap hotel in Russia during the World Cup? Well, when it comes to hotels or even apartments during the World Cup, you got only two options, you either pay $1000 per night for a fairly okay place, or you pay around $100 per night for a place that looks like somebody got murdered in. A month after the World Cup, this won’t even be a problem. Places will be cheap. But to get a cheap place for the World Cup is like to win the lottery.

So how do you stay safe in a cheap hotel in Russia during the World Cup? There are 3 aspects that you need to consider if you want to stay safe. The safety of your things. The safety of your data. And of course, your safety.

DO NOT Leave Anything That's of Any Major Value in Your Hotel at All

Sure, it’s best not to have anything stolen at all. But sometimes we can’t bring everything with us. Especially if we are sticking around for a few days. While we can’t bring everything with us when we leave, we can bring the most valuable items.

You might try to hide something valuable in the room. Don’t do it.

People expect you to be gone during the World Cup. Are you seriously going to be sitting in a crappy hotel when an event that happens once in 4 years is going on around you? I DO NOT THINK SO. And that’s a perfect opportunity for stealing. If you want to stay safe in a cheap hotel in Russia, you need to consider that.

Instead of hiding things, bring a carry-on and a backpack on your trip to Russia. Put the less valuable items into your carry-on and leave them in the hotel.

Meanwhile, put the more expensive items into your backpack.

When it comes to the carry-on, make sure to have a lock on it. And if you value your clothes, invest in a security camera.

Plenty of companies make security cameras that work on batteries, and that notify you when some major movement happens. If somebody tries to go into your carry-on, you will know, and you will see their faces if you have one of these cameras. A thief might decide to throw away that security camera, but you will see their face either way.

And when it comes to the valuable items such as laptops or cameras, have them in your backpack. And take that backpack with you when you are exploring the Russian cities.

But there’s just one problem with backpacks. They are not allowed into stadiums. That’s why most people will probably leave them in their cheap hotels. And that’s a mistake.

The safest place to leave your backpack when it comes to the World Cup if you are staying in a cheap hotel is a luggage storage facility. And there’s going to be plenty of them. You might have trust issues with them, but they will be far more secure than a cheap hotel. And once again, you can put a security camera inside of one to know if somebody took your things.

When it comes to keeping your things safe in a cheap hotel in Russia during the World Cup, you keep them safe by not having them in a cheap hotel without you around.

Keeping Your Data Secure

We have texts we don’t want others to see. We have ideas that are confidential. Oh, and let’s not forget payment accounts with money. When it comes to data on the internet, it doesn’t really matter whether you are in an expensive hotel or cheap hotel, what matters is that whatever you access or do can easily be accessed by somebody else.

Your home address. A message that can be used to blackmail you. Your PayPal password. It doesn’t take a genius to access that content when one is connected to an open network, that’s if the place that you are staying in has free Wi-Fi in the first place.

Luckily, it also doesn’t take a genius to stay safe in a cheap hotel in Russia during the World Cup when it comes to keeping your data secure. You merely need to find a way to stay encrypted when connected to the internet for that.

How do you do that? You use a VPN. To put simply. When you are connected to an open network, any information that’s getting sent or received can be intercepted. Since this is a post about the World Cup, let’s explain it from that perspective. A defender passes the ball to a midfielder. With an open network, that ball can be intercepted by the opposite team in several different ways. When you use a VPN though, you are encrypted. And when you use PrivateVPN, you are encrypted with military-grade AES 256-bit encryption with 2048-bit DH key which is the kind of encryption that’s on the level of the U.S. government.

And that kind of encryption happens to be too expensive to be cracked even for the richest people out there.

To go back to the perspective of football, if you are encrypted, it’s like if you played the ball over the players so that they can’t reach it but that it ends up getting to the person that’s meant to receive it. And if you have that further encryption that PrivateVPN provides, it’s like you eliminate the other team from the field completely. Encryption makes everything you do seem like gibberish to everybody but you.

If you want to stay safe in a cheap hotel in Russia during the world cup when it comes to data, use a VPN. And when it comes to PrivateVPN, we also offer 56 server locations that you can connect to meaning that you if you connect to an American server, that you can watch American Netflix while being in Russia for instance. Not that the American team qualified for the World Cup though. But that’s why there are many other locations available!

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Signing up with us is easier than finding a place for the World Cup for sure. Click on the Buy button and go through our 3-step registration process followed by downloading our client. Whether by searching for it in your local app store or by going into Download at the bottom of our page.

But How Can You Stay Safe in a Cheap Hotel in Russia During the World Cup?

Keeping your things and data safe is great until something happens to you. That other stuff does not matter then.

How do you stay safe? The first step includes getting a  Russian SIM card. DO NOT EVEN CONSIDERING GOING TO RUSSIA WITHOUT GETTING A RUSSIAN SIM CARD! Oh, and if your phone has a SIM lock, bring a different phone. Your phone is the key to your safety. Whether it’s navigation, translation, or simply calling for help. Without a phone, you will struggle with staying safe.

You should also walk in groups if possible. You are less of a target if you are with somebody. If you can’t be in a group, do not look like a million bucks. It’s okay to try to impress, but it might put you in danger. Look good but not too good. Nobody is going to steal from somebody that doesn’t look like they have money.

Those tips more so apply when you are outside of a hotel though. What about when you are inside? Try not to wear controversial jerseys. For instance, wearing an English jersey in Russia might possibly cause you a problem. It’s best to hide it when in a hotel. And even when walking alone when not around the city center or at the stadium.

Lastly, avoid arguments and be nice to people.

This event won’t happen for another 4 years after this. You will be 4 years older the next time. This is how you can stay safe in a cheap hotel in Russia. Make it count.

Written by Michael Smolski.