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How to Keep Your Internet History Private When in Somebody's Home

Do you want to keep your history private when in somebody's home? Perhaps you are doing a home exchange on GuestToGuest. You might stay in an Airbnb. Maybe you are simply visiting a friend. It doesn’t have to be any of these reasons. Your housemates could be the reason. But regardless of the situation, your internet history could be at risk, and you do have a right to keep your internet history private.

People can be weird. The world is full of different habits. Some people want to make sure their guests aren’t doing some illegal activity on their internet hence they look into what you are doing. And what you are doing can sometimes be embarrassing and used as a reason to blackmail you. You could search for something such as “how to deal with annoying housemates” which could start a conflict. Then there’s the potential that your internet provider is looking at what you are doing also. I once got a letter stating I did x while the letter also said they weren’t monitoring my activity. How would you know then?

Maybe you want to keep your history private because you don’t want somebody to see that you are buying x or that you are looking for y, quite frankly, the reasons don’t matter. There are millions of them, what matters is that there is a way to keep your internet history private when in somebody's homes and overall everywhere, regardless of who you are.

What Needs to Happen for You to Keep Your Internet History Private?

As you are browsing the internet right now, that information is easy to see by owners of the router, internet providers, and the government. Your IP address gives away what you are doing and where. And in order for your history to be safe from everybody else, all data that you are accessing needs to be encrypted.

When you are encrypted, what you are doing will look like absolute nonsense to everybody trying to access that information. Think of it as a letter with a lock. There’s information inside of it. But to open it, you need to put the right combination in. But this isn’t just a standard lock. It’s a lock with an insane amount of different potential combinations. Unless the right combination is there, all of what you are doing is meaningless information for everybody trying to get it. Thus, as a result, you are encrypted.

How do you get encryption? You use a virtual private network also known as a VPN. VPN is quite complex but makes your life simpler. To keep things simple, there are two things that a VPN offers that makes it so valuable. Accessing content outside of your country and being secure. You can access American Netflix outside of the US by simply connecting to an American server when using a VPN. You are also encrypted at all times when connected to any VPN server.

The Probability That You Will Not Keep Your History Private When in Somebody's Home

If you use the right service, it’s almost impossible. It’s only possible in theory.

PrivateVPN comes with encryption on the level of the U.S. government. Military-grade AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 256-bit encryption code with 2048-bit DH key to be precise. This means that if one were to access what you are doing, he or she would need to try a bizarre amount of combinations. 2 to the 256th power to be precise. It would actually cost about 1 trillion dollars to crack a 102-bit key, and I’m sure your browsing history isn’t worth 1 trillion dollars. And PrivateVPN comes with 256-bit encryption instead of 102-bit.

So How Do You Install a VPN?

It takes less than 60 seconds to make your information worth trillions if to be cracked.

  • First, go the PrivateVPN website which you are already on if you are reading this. Click on the right-top corner of the screen where it says Buy.
  • Fill in all the information asked for. It’s quick. And don’t worry, you get a full refund if you are not happy within 30 days. Although we have been chosen as the best value VPN service by BestVPN.com
  • After you have an account, go to the Download section at the bottom of our website, or if on a mobile device, search for us in your app store.
  • Open the app, put in your details, connect to the server of your choice, and you are secure and worth more at least a trillion dollars.

If you want to keep your internet history private, this is how you do it.

Written by Michael Smolski.