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How to Keep Your Internet History Private When in Somebody's Home

Do you want to keep your history private when in somebody's home? Perhaps you are doing a home exchange on GuestToGuest. You might stay in an Airbnb. Maybe you are simply visiting a friend. It doesn’t have to be any of these reasons. Your housemates could be the reason. But regardless of the situation, your internet history could be at risk, and ..

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How to Stay Safe When Connected to Wi-Fi on a Bus

You can’t always fly. Cheap airlines like Ryanair are still expensive at times. Buses? They tend to keep the same prices all year round. And some of the most popular bus companies such as Flixbus offer Wi-Fi on their buses. Whether you are going to a different country on a bus or whether you are taking a bus to the airport, we live in a wor..

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How to Get Rid of Internet Censorship Regardless of Where You Are

While most of us are lucky to live in democratic countries, it’s not just regimes that censor content on the internet whether it’s the news, social media, or simple web pages. Google has a tool called Transparency Report that allows you to see government requests to remove content, and pretty much every country has made requests to block ..

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What Do You Need When Working While Traveling

One in five Americans works from home. Conclusion? More people work from home than ever before. But working from home in many cases means that you can also work from wherever you want. And many people take that route. Only to return home with no work done at all. That might not be a problem until you need to pay bills that you ..

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