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How to Access Blocked Sites at Airports in China and Why You Can't in the First Place

If you read any airport reviews in China, you will know that delays are very common due to the Chinese military controlling the Chinese airspace. An even bigger complaint? Sites being blocked in China. Delays, plus not being able to access most of the internet is not a situation you want to be in for sure. Especially if you fly a lot through China...

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The Best VPN for Flights (Long & Short)

Are you on a 10-hour flight? Maybe 12? We’ve been there. It’s the worst. Sure, entertainment systems are often present but are you honestly going to start watching a random TV show from season 3? Entertainment systems often provide unpractical content. That’s why you are looking for the best VPN for flights. Right? As you want to be in the sa..

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Best VPN for Travel to China for Work (And Entertainment After Work)

You are going to China and don’t want to deal with the lack of Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and pretty much all the tools you can access whether it’s work or entertainment after work? A VPN is how you do it. The question is which VPN? What does the best VPN for Travel to China for work need? Most Importantly, Your Security Ma..

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How to Use Airbnb in Iran in 2018

Most people use Airbnb to get an affordable place. Nevermind that in Iran. In Iran, you need to search for how to use Airbnb in Iran as regardless of how rich you are. Unless you leave the country you will not be able to use Airbnb in Iran in 2018 and most likely for many years after due to newly placed US sanctions limiting the usage of services s..

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How to Use Booking.com in Iran in 2018

2018 is a tough year for Iran. And while the government in Iran has not been doing great things, it shouldn’t mean that people in Iran should not be able to use Booking.com. Do you want to use Booking.com in Iran in 2018? Consider it done. Why Do You Need to Even Search for How to Use Booking.Com in Iran in 2018? Booking.com is not ..

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How to Book a Holiday When in Iran (Even with US sanctions)

Do you want to book a holiday when in Iran? You can’t. Not anymore. Whether booking for a place in or outside of Iran, it doesn’t matter, regardless of where you actually come from. Unless you know something that most people don’t. Imagine waking up after dreaming about that holiday that you finally have enough money to book whether it inv..

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How to Bypass Wi-Fi Time Limits at Airports in 2018

You are stuck at an airport for 9 hours as you want to save €200 on a flight, so you fly indirectly. You get free Wi-Fi for four hours. The rest? Paid. That’s expensive. Instead, you want to know how to bypass Wi-Fi time limits at airports. Why should you have to pay to use Wi-Fi that isn’t that great anyway? For example at London Stansted ai..

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Traveling to Russia for the World Cup - What to Know

Perhaps the songs are not as great as those at the 2010 World Cup but at last, another the World Cup is here, and you are traveling to Russia for the World Cup. But Russia is quite the mystery for a lot of people. There are a few things that you need to know before you go there. Otherwise, you will be in trouble. You Need Your Fan I..

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Is It Safe to Go to Russia During the World Cup?

Is it safe to go to Russia during the World Cup? That’s what every football fan is asking right now.   A celebration of football on the pitch and around the pitch, but a potential danger not around it, or even in some cases around it. What should you know or expect? World Cup is the safest and most dangerous time to visit Russia ..

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How to Stay Safe on Holidays in 2018

YAY! THAT TIME OF THE YEAR AGAIN! For some it means warmer rain in the summer, for some, it means more vitamin D, for others, it means a trip. And sometimes that trip, it requires knowing how to stay safe on holidays. Do you want to stay safe on holidays? There are 3 aspects that need to be looked at when it comes to safety. Staying safe, kee..

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