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HBO Max vs HBO Now vs HBO Go - Which is Better?

Wondering what’s the difference between HBO Max, HBO Now, and HBO Go? In this HBO Max vs HBO Now vs HBO Go guide, we go over the differences, how to unblock them if they are not supported in your country, and which one is worth it the most.

HBO Max is the Newest Platform Mentioned

HBO Max is significantly newer than the other two platforms mentioned.

One might be wondering “why another one” if there are already 2 HBO platforms out there.

Let’s explain:

HBO Max. It’s a new streaming platform, that separates from the two previous HBO platforms by not being all about HBO. It offers many other 3rd party pieces of content.

HBO GO. It has been rebranded as HBO (confusing, huh?) and allows you to get HBO content if you already have HBO channels with your current TV provider.

HBO NOW. Essentially HBO Max, without the 3rd party content. It has also been rebranded as HBO.

HBO Max vs HBO Now vs HBO Go - Which is Better?

If you already have HBO content with your TV subscription, naturally the formerly called HBO Go is the best option. 

...But other than that, HBO Max is your best shot.


...As it costs exactly the same as the HBO platform while offering that extra 3rd party content.

You get more for the same price.

In fact, HBO even says that themselves on their website.

HBO Max vs HBO Now vs HBO Go as Far as Locations Are Concerned

The problem with all these platforms?

None of them are widely available around the world.

For instance, HBO Max is currently only available in the US.

The others? More accessible, but similarly limited.

Solution? To make HBO think that you are in the right region.

Here’s how to do it:

Making HBO Work Regardless of Where You Are

  1. HBO Max needs to think you are in the US.
  2. You need to trick HBO’s “American card” needs.

If you do these two, you will have HBO Max unblocked, but you will also have all the major platforms out there unblocked.

...And here’s how to do it:

Unblocking HBO Max - Location 

The first step to getting an HBO platform unblocked is to change your location virtually.

To do that, you will need to use a VPN.

If you ever heard of VPN services then you know that it’s not as simple as just connecting to the right region.

That’s because streaming platforms also make efforts against VPN services.

...And that’s where PrivateVPN comes in as a service that has hundreds of servers instead of thousands, but that instead focuses on quality and making sure all major entertainment platforms work with it. In fact, a big portion of the PrivateVPN servers are run on PrivateVPN’s own hardware and servers, giving full control over quality.

  1. Sign up for PrivateVPN.
  2. Download the app.
  3. Connect to a US server.

As far as making HBO think you are in the right region, that’s it.

Creating an HBO Account Outside of the US

To access HBO, you need an American card.

That makes life hard, but we do have a solution.

It’s to sign up for HBO via your phone.

Why does that work?

As it will result in HBO not being in charge of the payment.

Instead, it will be either Google or Apple handing payment. 

...The catch? You need to switch the region of your app store.

How To Sign up for HBO on Apple Devices

  1. Sign out of your iCloud account.
  2. Create a new account with your location-based in the US.
  3. Download the HBO app whether it’s HBO or HBO Max.
  4. Before turning on the app, connect to a US VPN server.
  5. Sign up for HBO from your phone.

How to Sign up for HBO on Android Devices

  1. Connect to a US server with PrivateVPN.
  2. Open up your Google Play Store and press on the 3-bars on the top-left of the screen.
  3. Click on Account.
  4. If connected to a VPN, you will be given an option to switch your region to be in the US.
  5. You’ll need to insert your payment method again to do so.
  6. When you do that, go back into your Account and select the US as your region.
  7. Download the HBO app and create an account directly from the app.

HBO on a Big Screen?

Want to watch HBO on a big screen? Naturally, the content of HBO’s quality is best enjoyed when on a big screen.

Whether that’s on a TV or a 250’’ projector like the BENQ TK850.

...But unfortunately, there’s a big issue with that. Most smart TV platforms simply do not support VPN services.

The way around that issue?

Either connect your laptop to a TV or projector via an HDMI cable or get an Amazon Fire TV Stick as it supports VPN services.

If you just ordered a Fire TV Stick, simply create an account based in the US.

...If you already have one though, here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to your current Amazon account in the web browser.
  • Press on Accounts & Lists, followed by Manage Your Account and Content.
  • Change your region to be in the US.
  • Go to your Amazon Fire TV device. Press on Settings and My Account.
  • Deregister and sign back into your Amazon account.
  • Download HBO.


The best one? If you already have HBO with your TV subscription, then the HBO service is your best option.

...But for most people reading this guide, HBO Max is the best option out there.

To sum up this HBO Max VS HBO Now VS HBO GO post:

  • HBO Max is the most sensible option.
  • HBO Now and Go don’t really exist anymore and are under HBO name now.
  • To unblock HBO you need a VPN + need to trick HBO to create an account.

Written by Michael Smolski.

Disclaimer: While PrivateVPN supports HBO platforms and has done so for a long time, due to the nature of services like HBO having to take measures against VPN services, we cannot guarantee non-stop 100% of the time support. No service can.

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