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How to Fix the Netflix Proxy Detected Error

Wanted to connect to a proxy/VPN for Netflix to unblock more Netflix content, but instead found yourself with less of it? That’s because Netflix changed a few things about how it deals with the Netflix proxy usage.

In this guide, we’ll explain what has changed, but most importantly will show you how to easily fix the Netflix proxy detected error, regardless of where you are.

Why The Netflix Proxy Detected Error Happens

In the past, when connected to a VPN to unblock a certain Netflix region, you would face the issue of Netflix completely blocking you from watching.

Depending on what VPN or proxy you used in the past, you would either right away not be able to watch, or Netflix would block you in the middle of watching, in the process ruining a lot of movie nights.

Now, what happens instead, is that instead of Netflix telling you to turn off your proxy/VPN to watch Netflix, it lets you keep watching, but only shows you Netflix Originals.

...While that’s better than in the past, if you are using a Netflix proxy, you want to unblock more Netflix content in your country, and regardless of where you live, there’s always more content to unblock.

For instance, the US Netflix is missing the show called Power, which is available in the UK.

But why is content not equally distributed?

It simply goes down to rights. 

Netflix doesn’t have the rights to show all of its content worldwide. 

And that’s not because it doesn’t want to, but it’s because it’s expensive, and most of the time not possible.

Power is a great example of that.

A big hit on Netflix in Europe, but not available on the American Netflix because the network that created it, Starz, has its own platform for streaming in the US, and it doesn’t want Power on the American Netflix because of that. 

And this situation happens around the world. Sometimes it’s just not possible to show all content worldwide. 

...Unless you own it, which is why Netflix has been investing so much in Netflix Originals.

If you can fix the Netflix proxy error, of course, none of this is an issue, provided the TV show or movie you want to watch is around on at least one platform.

How to Fix the Netflix Proxy Detected Error

Solving the Netflix proxy detected error is relatively simple to do. 

Netflix shows you original content only because it knows you are using a VPN or a proxy.

...Which is the exact reason for why you previously had other Netflix issues.

How do you fix it?

By using a VPN or a proxy designed for entertainment, meaning perhaps not a service that advertises to have thousands of servers, but instead a service that has hundreds servers, but of high quality, with focus on entertainment. 


As it’s not as simple as just connecting to a server outside of your country. That won’t unblock Netflix for you because Netflix, just like many other platforms, has to take measure against VPN services.

If it didn’t, and easily let people watch Power in the US, it would get in big trouble.

And this is where PrivateVPN comes in as a service with focus on entertainment, meaning less servers, but servers that can unblock Netflix around the world.

...And many other platforms, whether it be American platforms like Hulu, or Indian platforms like Hotstar.

...But you can find out all the entertainment possibilities when you try it out with a 7-DAY FREE-TRIAL WITH NO NEED FOR A CARD.

Simply put in your email address and password, and you can start unblocking Netflix content by connecting to any of our Netflix servers.

The only way to fix the Netflix proxy detected error is by using servers dedicated to Netflix, that can bypass Netflix’s blocks, and well, otherwise, by traveling somewhere else. 

That’s How to Fix the Netflix Proxy Detected Error

To watch Netflix from regions around the world, you need a VPN that is able to bypass Netflix’s measures. 

And that doesn't necessarily mean choosing a VPN that has the most servers but instead choosing a service that focuses on entertainment and the platforms you want to access.

Written by Michael Smolski.

Disclaimer: While PrivateVPN supports many Netflix regions around the world, since Netflix takes measures against VPN services, it cannot guarantee that all servers will work with Netflix at all given times, 100% of the time. No VPN provider can guarantee that.