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How to Get the Disney Plus Bundle Outside of the US

The Disney Plus bundle consists of Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu for the price of just $12.99, but none of these services are available outside of the US. And that’s why you are here. To learn how to get the Disney Plus bundle outside of the US. Fooling Disney to Get the Disney Plus Bundle Outside of the US The only way for you to get the Di..

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How to Watch BBC iPlayer Abroad

If you ever tried to watch BBC iPlayer abroad, you got the message saying, “This content is not currently available.” BBC claims the reason behind that is that you need to pay a TV license in the UK. But what if you are just traveling and do pay a TV license in the UK? In this guide, we are going over how to watch BBC iPlayer abroad whet..

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How to Set up a VPN on a Router (To Unblock Services on All Devices)

If you ever tried blocked services, you might have come across the problem of the platform you were using such as Apple TV, Roku, or Chromecast, not supporting VPN services at all. You could get a Fire TV Stick, but what if you love your Apple TV? What do you, then? In the past, we would just recommend that you do get a Fire TV to watch a service o..

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How to Install a VPN on a Router (+the Pros and Cons)

If you ever had an issue using a certain entertainment platform with a VPN because the device you wanted to use didn’t support VPN services, the good news is that you can solve that issue if you install a VPN on a router. The not so good news? That there are some clear disadvantages of installing a VPN on a router. We’ll talk through before ..

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How to Watch Italian TV Online (RAI TV, DAZN, Sky)

Do you want to watch Italian TV online? Whether it’s for the more emotional commentators in football or simply for the fact the content is in Italian, you can watch Italian TV online regardless of where you are in the world. With the help of platforms such as Rai Play/TV, Sky, and DAZN, with some tweaks as these platforms currently only work in I..

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How to Watch ESPN Online Outside of the US (Step-By-Step)

Do you want to watch ESPN online outside of the US? We can help you with that. But unlike other guides, we’ll also warn you that it’s not as easy as just fooling ESPN into thinking that you are in the US.  We’re going to explain why that is below while providing some great alternatives. And then walk you through how to watch ESPN onli..

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How to Get Hulu in India (In 3 Easy Steps)

Do you want to get Hulu in India? It’s not just India that doesn’t have access to Hulu. The same applies when it comes to Canada and the UK. Worldwide, really. Hulu is only available in the US and Japan. And while that might change soon as Disney bought Hulu, for now, we have a guide about to get Hulu in India in just 3 easy steps. The..

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How to Watch US TV Online (Even If Outside of the US)

Do you want to watch US TV online even if outside of the US? It’s 100% possible. The question? What US TV do you want to watch, particularly? As there’s a lot to choose from. In this guide, we’ll go everything that matters when it comes to watching US TV online and will dive into how to watch some of the most popular streaming channels, in th..

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How to Watch Hotstar on TV (Regardless of Your Location)

Do you want to watch Hotstar on TV? It’s simple, it’s somewhat easy, and it’s also complicated. Which one? It depends on where you live.  With that said, we’ll have a solution to every problem that you might have, in this guide. Where You Live Matters If You Want to Watch Hotstar on TV Do you live in India? Do you live in the ..

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