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How to Watch HBO Nordic Outside of Supported Countries

Want to watch HBO Nordic and are outside of supported countries? There is a way to do it, but unfortunately, most guides don’t go through the actual steps of unblocking HBO, but rather 1 step that is about their product.  In reality, to watch HBO Nordic, you need to be able to both first fool HBO Nordic into thinking you are in a supp..

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How to Remove Internet Throttling

Your internet isn’t performing? Find that sometimes certain things work much slower? In almost all cases, it goes down to internet throttling, a common practice done by internet providers. In this guide, we’ll show you how to remove internet throttling but will also explain what internet throttling is and why internet providers do it. And ye..

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How to Watch Swedish TV Outside Sweden

Do you want to watch Swedish TV outside of Sweden? Would you like to watch your favorite Swedish shows on streaming platforms such as TV4 Play or SVT Play? Let us guess. You tried to watch Swedish TV outside of Sweden, and it just didn’t work. Right? That’s why you are here? In this blog post, we will show you how easy it is to watch..

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How to Unblock Streaming Platforms in Your Country (Hulu, DAZN, Disney+ and More)

Live in a region where a ton of content is blocked? Want to know how to unblock streaming platforms in your country, whether it be BBC iPlayer, Hulu, DAZN, Disney+, Hotstar, or any of the other streaming platforms with geo-blocks that are worth watching? On this blog, we’ve been creating guides on how to unblock the world’s most used streaming ..

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How to Unblock Hotstar Outside of India

Hotstar is one of the only platforms in the world that offers a significant portion of its content for free. The issue? That you will need to unblock Hotstar outside of India, the US, and Canada as Hotstar is not available in most regions around the world, even though it’s owned by Disney. Why You Need to Search for How to Unblock Hotsta..

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How to Unblock Hotstar in Europe

Want to unblock Hotstar in Europe? You’ve probably seen “Hotstar.com is unavailable for residents in Europe” phrase, and not only is the reason why Hotstar not available in Europe different to what Hotstar state, but it’s also possible to unblock Hotstar in Europe and not just Europe but everywhere else for that matter. And in this g..

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Is HBO Now Worth It in 2020?

With Game of Thrones being over, and new platforms like Disney Plus being out, you might be asking yourself, is HBO Now worth it in 2020, or should you perhaps shift your budget towards a different series? HBO after Game of Thrones In 2019, when we first wrote a post as to whether HBO Now is worth it, we were saying that you should do it ..

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Is DAZN Worth it in 2020? DAZN 2020 Review

If you love watching sports, you might have seen DAZN around the news lately. And while you probably aren’t going to be watching sports for a few months, perhaps that’s why you are now searching for whether DAZN is worth it, and while we made a post about this in 2019, a lot has changed since then. DAZN Explained Before we get into th..

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Is Netflix Worth It in 2020 with Disney Plus Being Out?

The end of 2019 wasn’t a great time for Netflix. Disney Plus came out taking back a bunch of its content, creating the first major competition to Netflix in years, and bringing the question of is Netflix worth it in 2020. Or should you get Disney Plus instead, or should you perhaps stick with both? The Content Those that haven’t resea..

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