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Can You Use Putlocker to Watch Movies Legally and Safely?

Putlocker is known for providing just about every movie and TV show on the planet. But is it legal to use Putlocker to watch movies legally since it’s available for free? Especially since millions of people do it daily?

What’s the difference between Putlocker and the likes of Netflix or Hulu?

On Netflix, you pay a monthly fee. On Hulu, you pay a monthly fee. These fees help fund rights to these movies. Movie studios hold licenses to movies. Once the likes of Netflix pays a movie studio, they get a right to a movie. You can then watch a certain movie legally because the site that streams it has the right to stream it. And since you pay for your subscription, you have the right to watch it.

Putlocker and other streaming services like that? They don’t do that. They don’t pay the licenses. They don’t have a right to stream. They do it anyway. If somebody does that with your picture on social media, you can report it, and it can be taken down. It’s not as simple as that with content on Putlocker as it’s a lot harder to get rid of content on independent sites.

Based on that, you would assume that if you want to use Putlocker to watch movies legally, that you can’t do that. But it’s not as simple as that.

You Can Use Putlocker to Watch Movies Legally But....

It actually depends on your location. You can use Putlocker to watch movies legally if you are in Canada but not in the EU for instance. The EU used to state that accessing illegal content temporary was not breaking the law but this change in 2017 when the court ruled that streaming a movie is essentially as bad as downloading it.

How Do You Know If You Can Use Putlocker to Watch Movies Legally?

The simplest way to find out if you can use Putlocker to watch movies legally is by doing a simple Google search. For instance, “is it legal to stream pirated movies in x” with “x” standing for your country.

Is It Safe to Stream Movies on Putlocker?

This post is written with an educational purpose to let you know if you can use Putlocker to watch movies legally and safely. PrivateVPN does not in any way promote or endorse any illegal activity and advises you to check the law in your country.

It is legal to use Putlocker to watch movies legally in certain countries. Now, the question is how do you stay safe when doing so as you can never be too sure. Streaming is a very complex topic.

While many websites that provide illegal content are frequently taken down, this whole issue of something being illegal is very complicated. Complicated can often lead to problems.

Just about every country agrees that it’s illegal to download pirated content and to host it, it isn’t as simple with streaming content. So if you do choose to take that path, you need to take some precautions.

In the EU for instance, while it’s illegal to do it, you won’t get in any trouble with the law, or any trouble at all, unless the owner of the rights decides to sue you. That’s just the law in the EU. It might completely differ where you are. Make sure to research it.

How to Stay Safe on Putlocker If You Aren't Sure About the Law

Since the law is so complex, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Well firstly, you need an antivirus. You probably already have, but there’s always somebody that doesn’t. The reason for this? As otherwise you are exposed to ads that are heavy on viruses on these kinds of sites.

But to actually protect yourself, you need to use a VPN. A VPN is a virtual private network. It’s private, and it’s virtual. It means that you can be virtually anywhere you chose to be, provided that the company you use has servers there, even Canada. PrivateVPN offers the same type of encryption that is used by the U.S government. Since you are encrypted, it also means that nobody can see what you are doing. This will protect you from any potential trouble that might be caused.

This also applies to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and just about every server that has geographical restrictions.

But Will Your Internet Work Slower When Using a VPN?

It could. Depending on what service you choose to use. Some VPN services buy their internet capacity from hosting companies. PrivateVPN does that too to a point, but we also buy from the IP transit provider directly. We get High-Quality Network internet capacity that results in lower latency and higher speeds meaning that you will be able to stream any content on any platform that you use without delays.
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Written by Michael Smolski.