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How to Get the American Play Store Anywhere in the World

So you want to download an app. You searched for it on a web browser on your computer. It showed up there.

You then decide to search for it on your phone. And nothing shows up. Nothing shows up because the app is only available in the US.

Some apps, especially streaming apps and VPN’s are not available in certain versions of the Play Store. Especially in countries that restrict content such as China.

So what do you need to do? You need to get the American Play Store. And there are 3 steps towards that.

Change Your Billing Country on Your Account

If you have had your account for a while and don’t do so, Play Store will simply assume that you are simply visiting a different country, and you will see the same apps.

How do you change it?

  • Search for payments.google.com on your web browser.
  • Click Settings followed by Edit. Change your home address there.
  • You might need to provide a zip code when doing that. You can find a random zip code by searching for a zip code generator on the internet.
  • Accept changes.

Make Google Aware of the Changes

Google won’t automatically see that you made a change.

  • Close the Play Store.
  • Go into Settings. Press the Apps button.
  • Find Google Play Store.
  • Select Force Stop and Clear All Data.

But even when you make the change, you still need to change your location as without that, all of these changes won’t make a difference.

Changing Your Location

This is the most important step if you want to use the American Play Store. You need to follow them all regardless, but this step is responsible for Google thinking that you are in a different country, and in this case in the US.

Of course, you can simply go to the US. But you can also be there virtually.

A virtual private network allows you to be anywhere that you desire, provided that the company that you are using has servers in the US. PrivateVPN has servers in 55+ locations in the world. The US is one of these locations. With servers in 7 different locations within it. These servers are in Atlanta, Buffalo, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New Jersey, and New York.

Setting PrivateVPN Up

  • You need to press the Buy button at the top of the PrivateVPN website.
  • Once you click the Buy button, a registration window should show. There you need to provide a preferred plan, email, password, and method of payment.
  • Once done with that, search for PrivateVPN on the Play Store.
  • Download it
  • Log in.
  • Select an American server.
  • Connect to it.


After that, you should see apps that are available only in the US. If not, try restarting the Play Store again. This will also work for a different country. Perhaps you don’t want to cancel the American Play Store. Perhaps you want to access the British Play Store.

Written by Michael Smolski.