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How to Watch The Batman Online

Looking to watch The Batman online already so early in 2022? It’s possible, online, in the highest quality possible, even though the movie is still shown in cinemas. The catch? It depends on where you live. Luckily, in this guide, we’ll show you how to watch The Batman online regardless of where you live in 2022.

How to watch The Batman online in one sentence? Get HBO Max. HBO Max regularly showcases cinema movies on its platform as they are still in the cinema, without forcing you to pay extra which would be the case with Disney Plus which charges for early access to some content. With that said, there is a catch to watching on HBO Max. The platform is simply not available everywhere in the world, with that applying to places like the UK or Ireland. 

Luckily this guide will allow you to access the Batman online via HBO Max, but also will allow you to access most of the streaming platforms in the world, that might not be available in your region.

What’s Needed to Watch The Batman Online 

HBO max needs to think you are in a supported region. For example, you are in Sweden.

Secondly, you need to have a payment card issued in the region that the specific service is supported in. 

Now let’s get into how to actually do it, so that you can enjoy The Batman online regardless of where you are in 2022.

Making HBO Think You Are in the Right Region

HBO is available in more than a few countries, but it’s not available everywhere.

How do you make it think that you are in the right region? By using a VPN.

VPN services? They are used for many reasons but one of the primary ones is to change your location to be somewhere else in order to unblock entertainment services that otherwise would not work in your region.

In the case of Batman and HBO Max, you for example need to be in Sweden.

Is it that simple? Not quite. There are agreements in place that prevent HBO from showing certain content in certain countries, and thus HBO has to take efforts against VPN services, resulting in most of them not working with services like HBO.

And that’s where PrivateVPN comes in as a service that works with services like HBO Max, allowing you to bypass HBO’s blocks.

  • Sign up for a PrivateVPN account.
  • Download PrivateVPN.
  • Connect to one of the HBO regions.

That will get you into HBO Max giving you access to watch the Batman online, but that’s only if you have an account.

If you don’t, that’s when the next step comes in, although we advise that you ask someone you know that may live in a region where HBO Max is supported as it’s always the easiest to get help that way. 

…If you don’t know anyone that can help you, then you will need to bypass HBO’s card payment block which essentially check if your card is issued in the country “you are in.”

Now, some cards will work regardless of whether they are from the right region, but that is not always the case.

…But there is a simple trick to bypass this issue so that you can watch The Batman Online.

And it’s to sign up for an HBO Max account directly from your mobile device.

Why? As Google and Apple control payments on mobile devices, and they simply do not have such blocks in place.

The catch? You will need to change the region of your app store to match where HBO Max is, so that you can download the HBO Max app in the first place. We’ll guide you through how to do it now:

Changing Your Google Play Store Location on Android Devices

  • Connect to a HBO Max supported region with PrivateVPN.
  • Open the Play Store.
  • Go to your profile and to Settings.
  • Click on Account followed by Device Preferences.
  • There will be an option to switch your app store region. Do it. 
  • It might be the case that you will need to update your card details.
  • Confirm your selection by re-applying the steps.
  • Download HBO Max.
  • Create an account.
  • Watch The Batman online.

Switching Your Location on Apple Devices

  • Log out of your iCloud account.
  • Connect to a HBO supported region with PrivateVPN.
  • Download HBO Max
  • Sign up directly from the app.
  • Watch The Batman online.

After you have successfully signed up for an HBO Max account, feel free to sign back into your previous iCloud account.

That’s How to Watch The Batman Online

The best thing about this guide? With HBO Max you get to unblock many other cinema releases in the future, while getting access to some of the highest quality TV shows and movies on the platform. 

As to PrivateVPN, it works with HBO Max, but it also works with many other streaming services such as Paramount+ or Hulu.

Written by Michael Smolski.

Disclaimer: While PrivateVPN works and has worked with HBO Max from the start, due to the fact services like HBO need to target VPN services, PrivateVPN cannot guarantee non-stop support at all given times. No service can. Due to that we recommend you go for a monthly subscription.