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How to Unblock TV4 Play in the UK

If you ever tried to watch TV4 Play in the UK, then you know what happens. You’ll be told that you can unblock TV4 Play in the UK, but only if you can prove that you are registered in Sweden. But what if you aren’t and still want to unblock TV4 Play in the UK?

There is a way which we’ll show in this guide for watching TV4 Play.

Why TV4 Is Not Available in the UK

The reason for why TV4 Play is not available in the UK?

It’s the same reason for why other streaming services are not available in the UK.

It simply goes down to rights to content.

While a lot of what TV4 does is original content, a ton of it also isn’t.

TV4, just like any other platform, pays for rights to show other content. 

Who doesn’t like to watch some Hollywood titles after all?

Of course, since everyone wants to show the best titles, companies aren’t going to give exclusive worldwide rights to shows and movies.

You will have to pay for every region you want to show in.

...And since TV4 Play is in Sweden, it doesn’t make sense for it to invest in content to be shown in other countries.

Especially since while you may know of TV4 Play, most people in the UK don’t.

However, what TV4 did is pretty clever.

Instead of banning TV4 for everyone, they decided that if you can prove that you are registered in Sweden, but away at this time, you can still watch it.

That’s a much better solution than the BBC iPlayer.

However, while it’s a better solution than of the BBC, it’s not a solution for everyone.

And this is where the next steps come in.

How to Unblock TV4 Play in the UK

To eliminate the need to have to prove that you are registered in Sweden, you will have to make yourself look like you are in Sweden.

That way you won’t have to prove anything.

And to do that, you will need to change your location virtually.

This is where VPN services come in.

If you never tried a VPN service before, VPN services allow you to change your location, virtually.

For instance, you can look like you are in Sweden when, in reality, you are in the UK trying to unblock TV4 Play.

Is it that easy, though?

Not quite.

Most VPN services don’t care about services like TV4 Play.

Making streaming services work in other countries costs more money because it’s not as simple as just having a server.

Streaming platforms make efforts to prevent VPN services from working, because, well, they have to.

They would get in trouble with the companies that sell them rights, otherwise.

And this is where PrivateVPN comes in as a VPN service from Sweden that supports all Swedish platforms that don’t work in the UK.

We care about all our users providing the ability to unblock services like Hulu, RTE Player, Hotstar, and much more, but since we come from Sweden, we also have the insight into what our Swedish users want and care about, and we deliver on that.

PrivateVPN comes with a 7-day trial with no need for a card, so no pressure at all, and well, it might be just what your entertainment needs with all the other streaming services PrivateVPN can unblock or make better.

Is that all though?


You will need to register for an account, and when doing so, make sure to include a Swedish zip code.

Of course, you can find one with a zip code generator on the internet.

Is a VPN Going to Make Streaming Slow?

Worried about speed? 

A VPN can, in fact, make your streaming slow, or just as far as usual.

That depends on what kind of servers the streaming servers use.

If it’s a hosted server, there are limits to what can be done, and hosting providers can lie as far as how many websites/services use the same server meaning that even if you have the best intentions, the server might not be as fast as on paper.

That’s something that got us frustrated at PrivateVPN.

Which is why we now work with the well known Telia which is a tier 1 network provider, for our internet capacity, which we then use on our own hardware. That means we have full control over the speeds allowing you to get the best streaming possible.

This already works in some of our locations such as Stockholm, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris, London, Copenhagen, and NYC, with those offering some of the best streaming services such as Disney Plus, DAZN, Netflix, and much more.

Of course, if your current internet is currently slow, unless your internet provider is throttling your connection on streaming, a VPN server won’t make it any faster.

That’s How to Unblock TV4 Play in the UK

Found this useful?

You can unblock SVT Play in almost the same way.

And many more services with PrivateVPN and the help of our guides, as while TV4 Play isn’t hard to unblock in the UK, other services aren’t always as easy to unblock.

Written by Michael Smolski.

Disclaimer: While PrivateVPN supports all Swedish services for years, due to the nature of services having to make efforts to prevent VPN services from working, we cannot guarantee non-stop working time at 100% of time. No VPN can guarantee that.