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How to Watch RTE Player in The US in 2020

RTE Player is one of the only streaming platforms that’s not available in the US, and for a very long time, there was no way at all to watch RTE Player in the US or anywhere outside of Ireland.

...Now in 2020, there is a way to do it.

In this guide, we go over exactly how to do it.

Why Is RTE Player Not in the US in 2020?

...For the same reason that American platforms like Hulu are not available in Ireland.

Rights to content.

RTE Player is part of RTE which is an Irish national TV provider meaning its main focus is Ireland, and because rights to the content aren’t in most cases sold worldwide, if RTE wanted to show the content it shows, it would need to pay for every other country that content is shown in.

That sometimes is not possible as other companies already have exclusive rights to certain content, and well, even when it is possible, why would RTE Player pay to show content in the US if it’s main focus is Ireland?

As a result, RTE Player is not available in the US.

Now, let’s talk about how to solve this problem so you can use RTE Player in the US.

How to Watch RTE Player In the US

RTE needs to think you are in Ireland. That’s the only way to get RTE Player to work.

To do that, you will need to use a VPN.

VPN = Virtual Private Network.

The issue? That RTE Player, just like all other platforms, have VPN blocks in place.

That’s because they have to so they don’t get in trouble for showing content in countries that they don’t have a license for.

If you ever tried a VPN for RTE Player, you probably realized that it’s just about impossible to find a VPN for RTE as while platforms like Netflix were unblockable, RTE just wasn’t.

That has changed.

At PrivateVPN, going into 2020, we have managed to unblock RTE Player in the US, as the first VPN to do it at speeds that allow for great live streaming.

How exactly do you watch RTE Player in the US with PrivateVPN?

  1. Sign up for PrivateVPN. (You can use our 7-day free trial with no need for a card or get a long-term membership for as low as $3.82 per month.
  2. Download the app on your device.
  3. Connect to an RTE server.
  4. Turn on RTE Player.

That’s how simple it actually is to watch RTE Player in the US in 2020. For a very long time, the issue was the fact VPN servers didn’t support RTE Player. But other than that issue, RTE Player is super simple to set up.

Naturally, you might also want to watch RTE Player with an app on your phone or TV, and we’ll also show you how to do that now.

RTE Player in the US on Apple Devices

On Apple devices, whether on an iPhone or iPad, you need to sign out of your iCloud account and create a new iCloud account with settings based in Ireland.

That’s pretty much it for downloading the RTE Player app on Apple devices.

It is also possible to change the region on your current account, but DO NOT DO THAT as you will lose everything.

Create a new account, download RTE Player, and if you need to, sign back into your old account.

RTE on Android Devices in the US

On Android devices, you do actually change the region of your account.

  1. Connect to an Irish region using a VPN.
  2. Press on 3 bars on the top-left of the screen in your Play Store, followed by Account.
  3. Switch to an Irish region as Google will now give you the option to do so.
  4. Update your payment method.
  5. Download RTE Player.

RTE Player on TV?

An issue with RTE Player is that Fire TV doesn’t have it; meanwhile, platforms like Apple TV don’t support VPN services, making it hard to watch RTE Player in the US on a TV.

Our recommendation as far as that?

Connect your laptop to a TV with an HDMI cable.

That’s How to Watch RTE in the US in 2020

Want to also unblock BBC iPlayer and the likes of Canadian DAZN for more DAZN? PrivateVPN will also help you unblock those with our servers and the help of our guides.

Written by Michael Smolski.

Disclaimer: PrivateVPN works with RTE Player in the US, but due to the nature of the VPN industry, no VPN service can guarantee that servers will work with platforms like RTE at all given times.