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How to Unblock Netflix in India

On paper, Netflix is available in India. In reality, you get a very small fraction of what’s available on the American Netflix, at a price that can be considered pricey in India, especially compared to the offerings of Hotstar. And that’s probably why you are searching for how to unblock Netflix in India. So that you can access the content that other people are able to access.

And frankly, it’s very easy to do.

Why You Need to Search for How to Unblock Netflix in India

As while the internet is all connected, that connection is not equal.

Netflix will always invest primarily in its American market as it is its biggest market, which isn’t going to change any time soon. Satisfying Netflix’s biggest audience is the goal. Due to that, other Netflix regions are set for much smaller growth. For now...

See, Netflix is changing its strategy and while today you might not have a lot Netflix content in India and need to search for how to unblock Netflix in India, in a year you might not need to. That’s because Netflix has been investing very heavily in its original content as of late. And that’s because they have to. Companies that give rights to Netflix so they can stream content are getting tired of Netflix are trying to start their own subscription services. Meanwhile, the likes of Disney is launching its own platform called Disney Plus. And they, they own Marvel, 21st Century Fox which includes 20th Century Fox which also comes with National Geography, meaning that Netflix is losing access to a lot of the content it currently pays for. And due to that, it’s focusing on its own content that can be viewed worldwide, without issues, because Netflix owns it.

With that said, a big barrier between Netflix regions often goes down to not being able to get rights for a TV show or a movie because somebody else already has it. 

There’s also a cultural reason behind it. Some movies and TV shows that would be shown in, for instance, the US are not of interest to the Indian viewership.

How to Unblock Netflix in India

Here’s the thing. While American Netflix has the most content available overall, it doesn’t have it all. That’s due to rights issues that we already mentioned. Depending on the country you choose, you will have access to a different type of content. For instance, if you connect to the UK Netflix, you will be able to watch the TV show Power that’s not available in the US. 

How do you connect to a Netflix outside of India? By tricking Netflix into thinking that you are not in India. 

And you do that by using a VPN which is the key if you want to unblock Netflix in India or any other service in India or outside of India.

Unfortunately, this is where it gets complicated.

Due to the rights issue, Netflix has to make efforts to prevent people from watching Netflix with a VPN. After all, why would somebody pay for a TV subscription if they can get a TV show or movie with their Netflix account when connected to a VPN in a certain country? As a result, a lot of even paid VPN services don’t work with Netflix, or don’t widely support Netflix.

And that’s the issue with unblocking Netflix in India.

We know that due to the currency, most people in India will find VPN services not affordable. Meanwhile free VPN services don’t work with Netflix.

And that’s where PrivateVPN comes in. We don’t offer thousands of servers like our competition, but we do instead offer servers of quality that work with the platforms that you want to use, and that will let you unblock Netflix in India, without breaking the bank. Matter of fact, that’s why we support the most Netflix regions on the market with over 21 Netflix locations supported, even though we have several thousand servers less than most competition.

The best thing? We offer a full free 7-day trial that’s unrestricted so that you can try out the service before deciding if it’s worth your money.

Written by Michael Smolski.