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Is Amazon Prime Worth It in 2019 or Should You Get Netflix

Is Amazon Prime worth it in 2019 or should you get Netflix? That’s what you might be asking in 2019. The quick answer is to get both, but what if you only have money for one, or what if you live in a country with restrictions and are just looking to find out which one will be the least limited in your country? Amazon Prime or Netflix? We’ll talk about everything you need to know!

Are You Just Looking to Watch TV Shows and Movies?

This is the only question most people need to be asked.

Netflix is ahead with movies and TV shows in many ways, but Amazon is way more than just about TV shows and movies. Amazon Prime is about making your life better.

If You Shop with Amazon...

Do you ever shop on Amazon Prime? I recently bought a laptop in the US. It was around $40 for it to come in as quickly as I needed it. Amazon Prime? $12.99 for a 2-day delivery, and not for the delivery but for the Amazon Prime monthly subscription. $38 saved automatically. If you ever shop on Amazon which you most likely do if you live in the UK, Germany, the US, Canada, France, and many others, Amazon Prime is worth it in 2019. Netflix won’t provide you with shows and movies while saving you a tremendous amount of money on shipping of products.

Oh, and Amazon Prime does also give you discounts for products.

Do You Already Use a Music Subscription Service?

The question of is Amazon prime worth it in 2019 or should you get Netflix tends depends largely on your lifestyle. If you shop with Amazon, Amazon Prime makes a lot of sense as it saves you, if you don’t, then it doesn’t save you anything. It’s the same with music.

Amazon Prime also offers a music service. It’s like Spotify but with a poorer selection of songs. If you listen to some very unique songs, they might not be on there. If you don’t have a music subscription and was considering one but also need a service that will let you watch movies and shows, Amazon Prime is worth it in 2019 for sure. The music library is only going to get bigger, and Amazon is a company with more money than just about anything.

If you are on a budget and perhaps recently canceled your music subscription or don’t want to pay for one, Amazon Prime might be a great choice for you as it gives you music, with Amazon Prime. Although, the service is limited to 2 million songs, as of now.

Do You Also Read?

Is Amazon Prime worth it in 2019 or should you get Netflix? You must be seeing the pattern now. Amazon Prime offers many ways of consuming. Whether that’s music, books, or TV shows and movies.

While Amazon Prime won’t give you access to the full book library, it still gives you access to 2 million books, and some of them, are really worth reading.

Some of the books available are really known around the world like The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results for instance which has been #1 on Wall Street Journal, NewYork Times, and USA Today along with many others.

Do You Take Pictures?

Once again Amazon has you covered. It offers unlimited storage for your pictures in the cloud and 5GB of storage for your videos.

Is Amazon Prime worth it in 2019 or should you get Netflix as far as content goes?

The only reason to get Netflix rather than Amazon Prime would be for the Netflix library.

Both offer great libraries. Which is better? It’s honestly hard to tell because if we had to choose between one or the other, we wouldn’t be able. Amazon Prime does seem to include better and newer movies than Netflix though. On the other side, Netflix does do an incredible job with TV shows.

If you are wondering if Amazon Prime worth it in 2019 or should you get Netflix, as far as TV shows go, we will go with Netflix due to the original series that are just on such a high standard of production. Netflix really does an incredible job with that whether they are partnered with somebody or are doing it on their own.

And they recently acquired rights to some shows that were loved by people but dropped such as Lucifer which used to be on Fox. The rights to the Narnia universe have also been acquired so you can expect some TV shows relating to that in the near future for sure. Riverdale, 13 Reasons Why, The Strangest Things, along with the now-canceled Sense8 & House of Cards were some of the fans favorite shows on Netflix. And let’s not forget about Marvel shows which there has been a lot of.

On the other side though, Netflix and Marvel have had some issues working together leading to some of the shows being canceled. Disney and Netflix are also parting ways in the summer of 2019 due to the fact Disney is launching its own streaming platform. That’s something to be aware of!

For movies, Amazon Prime is probably a better choice, for TV shows, Netflix, although overall, Hulu might be the best player in the TV show department overall.

Is Amazon Prime Worth It in 2019 or Should You Get Netflix?

If you don’t need anything that Amazon Prime offers and are just looking for shows and movies, Netflix is a great choice. Ultimately, whether Amazon Prime or Netflix is worth it also depends on where you are.

In the US both platforms are great, but they are limited in most of the world. That’s why a VPN is worth having so that you can access what you are paying for.

A VPN allows you to change your location without going anywhere meaning that if you are in the UK and want to access the US servers to watch American content, you can. Well, depending on your VPN.

Just because a service has a hundred servers does not mean anything. It’s relatively easy to add useless servers just to make yourself look superior to other companies, but how many of these servers are of actual use to people. A normal VPN server won’t work with Amazon Prime nor Netflix meaning that you might have access to 1000 servers, but they will be of no value to you.

The reasons normal servers don’t work with Netflix and Amazon Prime is that these platforms have blocks in place that are there because of the fact certain content is meant to be only available in certain locations. That’s why you need dedicated Netflix and Amazon Prime servers.

PrivateVPN, it doesn’t have hundreds of servers, but it does have the most VPN servers out there out of all the other companies as tested by Comparitech with 5,000 manual tests of VPN services. Out of the bunch, PrivateVPN works with the most locations by far! And it, of course, works with Amazon Prime too, on all platforms. If you want to access Netflix or Amazon Prime fully, a VPN is needed. Otherwise, you will be missing out on content, even if you are in the US which has the most content but doesn’t have all of it.

Written by Michael Smolski.