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How to Watch American Netflix Away from Home Regardless of Where You Are

Away from home? You get to your hotel or apartment, you turn on Netflix and realize that a lot of content is missing, and are now searching for how to watch American Netflix away from home?

That's the reality for all non-residents of the US. But it's also passable, and we'll help you do that as why should you be stripped of watching content you already pay for just because you went on a holiday? Actually, in fact, we'll help you with more than just American Netflix. We'll help you access all of the content that American Netflix has to offer.

Why Is Different Content Available in Different Countries on Netflix

You not being able to watch American Netflix away from home goes down to money. It costs a lot of money to buy rights to show movies and TV shows, and frankly, a lot of other companies already have exclusive rights to certain shows and movies in certain countries making it hard for Netflix to show a lot of content in a lot of countries.

And due to that, when you in the UK, you might not be able to watch a certain movie that you planned to watch on your next trip. And with the American Netflix having a tremendously bigger library than all other regions, the odds of your movie or show not being around are pretty big. But also vice versa as while perhaps the likes of Thailand or the UK don’t have as much content, they have some content that the US doesn’t have.

Watch American Netflix Away from Home

To watch American Netflix Away from home, you need to make Netflix think that you are in the US even if you aren’t.

And that’s actually not that hard.

You just need a VPN.

The right VPN...

Netflix isn’t stupid. They often take down Netflix VPN servers. Especially the free super popular services.

We could tell you to just go out and experiment with different services until you find the right one, but PrivateVPN, it works with Netflix, and it doesn’t just work with American Netflix. It offers the richest Netflix location support available by any VPN service. Seriously.

American Netflix might have the most content available but it also doesn’t have everything, and if you want every single piece of content that Netflix offers, PrivateVPN is your best shot.

Why Choose PrivateVPN to Watch American Netflix Away from Home?

We mentioned that we offer the widest variety of servers for Netflix meaning that you will be able to connect to the likes of Spanish Netflix. And for instance, if you connect to our server in Thailand, you can watch season 7 of suits that’s not available in just about all other Netflix locations.

But you, of course, care about speed. Certain VPN companies brought a bad reputation to VPN services in terms of speed. People assume that they slow down your connection a lot. And “slow” doesn’t go well with “Netflix.” It just doesn’t.

What people don’t tell you is that the VPN companies that slow your internet down, they tend to buy internet capacity from hosting companies rather than IP transit providers directly. And if you are looking to watch American Netflix away from home via the use of a VPN, that makes a tremendous difference. Provided the internet connection in the hotel or apartment you are staying in is somewhat decent as it is.

Written by Michael Smolski.