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House of the Dragon in Germany - How to Watch With HBO Max

Looking to watch House of the Dragon in Germany once it releases on the 21st of August? While many people around the world will be able to watch it on HBO Max, in Germany that is not currently a possibility. There will be other ways to watch it, but if you are looking for the best way to watch House of the Dragon along with the ability to re-watch ..

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How to Get the BBC iPlayer in Singapore

Looking to get the BBC iPlayer in Singapore to watch your favorite British TV shows and movies? In this guide we’ll walk you through how you can watch the BBC iPlayer in Singapore but also how to install the BBC iPlayer app which would not currently be available in Singapore. ...But first. Why Isn’t BBC iPlayer in Singapore Already? BBC iP..

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How to Watch the World Cup Online in 2022

Want to watch the World Cup online? Of course you do! Even though the 2022 World Cup format is questionable in many ways, at the end of the day, there’s no tournament out there that is as exciting and as celebrated as the World Cup. If you aren’t going to Qatar to watch it, here’s how to watch it online, regardless of where you are in the wor..

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Where to Watch Halo in India

Heard about the new Halo show and wondering where you can watch Halo in India? Yes, Halo is the show made after the legendary Microsoft Xbox game Halo, and just as it rocked the world of gaming, it has also rocked the world of TV. The only catch? Paramount+ where the show is, is not currently available in India which is where this guide on where to..

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How to Watch BritBox in Spain

Living or visiting Spain and looking for how to watch BritBox in Spain in order to stay up to date with the best British TV shows and movies created by BBC and ITV? It’s simpler than you might think, the methods we shared have been working since the start of BritBox, and we’ll go through it with you in this BritBox in Spain guide. The Step..

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Where to Watch House of Dragon in Ireland

Want to watch House of Dragon in Ireland? House of Dragon is the prequel to Games of Thrones, the well beloved show that was watched by just about all across the world and that is created by HBO. But since Game of Thrones came out, the streaming world has changed dramatically, and things aren’t as simple as they used to be. Where to watch Hous..

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Best Streaming Services for Sport to Get in Australia

Looking for the best streaming services for sport to get in Australia? In this guide we are going to go over services, many of which you might have not heard before, that offer great streaming of sports at value, but that also offer incredible sport documentaries. Some of them are already available in Australia, others are partly available, meanwhi..

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How to Unblock More Netflix on MacBook more Netflix on Mac

Want to unblock more Netflix on Mac? It’s relatively simple, while at the same time giving you access to hundreds if not thousands extra shows and movies, as regardless of where you live, whether that’s in the US which would be home to a huge Netflix library, or other countries with smaller libraries, every region offers something different. An..

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How to Watch House of Dragon in the UK

Looking to watch House of Dragon in the UK once it launches in August? House of Dragon is a spin-off series to the well loved and respected series Game of Thrones, and after a long wait, is is bringing the world of George R. R. Martin back. One way to watch it in the UK is via Sky and specifically Sky Atlantic. If you however don’t want to have t..

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Top 5 Streaming Sites for the UK & How to Make Them Work

The UK, while on paper might seem like a country that would have access to many streaming sites, in reality, misses out on a lot of them. That’s why in this guide we’ll go over the top 5 streaming sites for the UK, but then also how to make them work, since some of them aren’t currently available in the UK, meanwhile others are, but don’t o..

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