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Customer Case - Norskkreditt

I am thrilled to announce the successful partnership between our PrivateVPN team and Norskkreditt.no. Norskkreditt.no operates as a platform where visitors can choose from a variety of lenders offering business loans, which they refer to as "Forbrukslån" in their terminology. Over the past few months, we have had the privilege of providing exceptional, tailored services to Norskkreditt.no, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience that precisely matches their unique needs.

What were your primary goals when looking for a new VPN service?

Our main objectives when searching for a new VPN service were to ensure the security and privacy of our online activities, both personal and professional. We aimed to protect our data from potential cyber threats while maintaining anonymity while browsing the internet. Additionally, we wanted to access a wide range of global content by bypassing geo-restrictions and enjoying uninterrupted streaming. Cost-effectiveness was also a crucial factor in our decision-making process, as we were looking for a VPN service that offered a balanced combination of features and affordability for our user base.

In what ways did PrivateVPN assist you in choosing the ideal VPN?

PrivateVPN helped us achieve our primary goals in finding the best VPN service through various means. Initially, PrivateVPN's robust encryption protocols and strict no-logs policy ensured the security and privacy of our online activities. This played a vital role in safeguarding our personal and professional data from potential cyber threats.

Furthermore, PrivateVPN's extensive server network allowed us to effectively bypass geo-restrictions and access a diverse range of global content, enhancing our online experience. Their VPN service provided reliable and high-speed connections, ensuring seamless streaming and smooth browsing.

How would you describe your partnership with PrivateVPN?

Our partnership with PrivateVPN has consistently exceeded our expectations. They have consistently provided customized services tailored to meet the specific needs of Norskkreditt.no. Throughout our collaboration, we have been impressed by their unwavering dedication to ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience. Their proactive approach and commitment to understanding the requirements of our platform have made this partnership both fruitful and enjoyable.

Which of PrivateVPN's services are you currently using?

Currently, we are utilizing several of PrivateVPN's personalized VPN solutions. These services ensure the efficient and reliable operation of our platform, Norskkreditt.no, for our users. PrivateVPN has played a pivotal role in delivering customized solutions that precisely cater to our needs and facilitate the seamless connection of visitors to various lenders.

Would you recommend PrivateVPN to others?

Absolutely. Our experience with PrivateVPN has been exceptional. They have consistently delivered outstanding, tailored services that perfectly align with the needs of Norskkreditt.no. Their unwavering commitment to ensuring a seamless and satisfying partnership has had a significant impact on us. We wholeheartedly endorse PrivateVPN to any organizations seeking a reliable and customized VPN solution.