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How to Go past Web Filters Set by Internet Providers

You want to know how to go past web filters set by internet providers whether it’s your provider at home or your mobile operator? You absolutely have the right to. Especially when there is nothing wrong with a site that you are trying to access. It’s one thing to block sites that are really bad for humanity such as black markets, but those can�..

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How to Stay Safe as a Journalist in 2018

Most would agree that jobs that involve writing and research are safe. But yet you are researching how to stay safe as a journalist in 2018. Why? As it’s not always the case that journalism is safe, unfortunately. 46 journalists were killed in 2017. This year, 9 have died so far with the most talked about being the murder of Jan Kuciak and his fi..

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Does Privacy Still Exist on the Internet in 2018?

“Does privacy still exist on the internet in 2018?” This is a question that will be asked a lot this year. Let’s give a brief timeline of internet and privacy in 2018 thus far. China tried to ban all VPN services from the start of February of this year. Just before 2018 happened, Russia put a law in place that instructed VPN companies to ban ..

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How to Stay Safe on a Train When Working

You take out your fancy laptop to work on a train and you are automatically a target. You don’t take it out and you could be missing out on many hours of work. The solution? Knowing how to stay safe on a train when working. And when it comes to knowing how to stay safe on a train when working, there are two aspects that you need to look at. ..

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How to Keep Your Internet Browsing Private at Work in 2018

So you want to keep your internet browsing private at work in 2018? Perhaps you had a bad experience with your activities on the internet being monitored last year with your past or current employe and were given a warning. Well, we believe in privacy wherever you are. Whether in somebody's home, the airport, or at work. These are some of ..

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How to Stay Secure on Public Computers in 2018

You don’t know what’s on it. That’s the biggest problem when it comes to public computers. It’s hard to stay secure on public computers if you don’t know what kind of hidden software is on them. If you meet somebody, you can generally tell what they are like. You can feel their vibes. With a computer, you don’t know. Somebody could be l..

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China Is Banning VPN Services - 1 Billion People Without Freedom

The entire world went crazy about net neutrality yet that’s not a big problem compared to what China is doing as China is banning VPN services. That’s huge. Sure, net neutrality might result in you having a slower connection to a certain website. It might also result in you having to pay to use a certain website. Unless you use a VPN service of..

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How to Stay Secure When Using Wi-Fi at Airports

How to stay secure when using Wi-Fi at airports? Well, first you actually need to have Wi-Fi to use. Big airports provide it. Small, lack it. And if it gets too crowded, it often stops working. You could use your data from your phone, but that doesn’t work too great at airports either. But let’s assume that you are lucky enough to have Wi-Fi at..

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Why You Will Need to Use a VPN in 2018

Russia. China. This entire planet. THings are changing. Some countries are removing freedom on the internet. Others are adding more in theory but actually reducing it. The US for instance. One thing is for sure. Things on the internet are changing, and there’s more than one reason on why you need to use a VPN in 2018. To Access Content at th..

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What Will Happen With the Lack of Net Neutrality in the US

Have the fastest possible internet in your country. Pay for the best cables, routers, and extenders. Watch your 4K House of Cards in Full HD because “your internet is too slow.” That’s what the lack of net neutrality might look like. Except watching something in HD instead of 4k might be your smallest problem. Perhaps you’ll have to pay to..

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