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The EU Is Banning Internet Freedom as It Is

We complain a lot about China. The EU? They moved themselves closer to China rather than even further away from it with their recent move. The EU is banning internet freedom as it is. This meme? Soon it will be illegal to post it on the likes of Facebook. People are asking did EU ban memes. The short answer is yes, except the issue is mu..

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Does Norwegian Have Wi-Fi on Their Flights

Are you wondering does Norwegian have Wi-Fi? It depends where you are flying meaning both yes and no. And there are a few things you should know about using it and getting the most out of it. Does Norwegian Have Wi-Fi? It Does, And... It’s free. If you are wondering does Norwegian have Wi-Fi, they do more than offer Wi-Fi, they make i..

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Why Is Every Company Updating Their Privacy Policy?

You might have woken up in the last few days with more than an average number of emails. Sorry, it's not because you suddenly got more famous but because every company that has contact with you sent you their updated privacy policy. So why is every company updating their privacy policy to the point that you are so irritated that you had to Google f..

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How to Unblock Telegram in Iran and Why It Got Blocked

Telegram was blocked in Iran. That’s why you are here searching for how to unblock Telegram in Iran. Your freedom of communication was taken away from you. Just like in Russia. Except, Russia which we made a post about lately is not taking censorship to the level of Iran or China as of yet. Iran is a problem. Your freedom of expression is essenti..

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How to Access Blocked Websites in Russia

You are going to the World Cup and want to know how to access blocked websites in Russia? This has been a topic that was being mentioned a lot lately. And a lot of it was exaggerated by VPN companies trying to gain extra customers. While Russia for sure is making some bad choices when it comes to banning sites, you can’t compare it to China as mo..

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How to Go past Web Filters Set by Internet Providers

You want to know how to go past web filters set by internet providers whether it’s your provider at home or your mobile operator? You absolutely have the right to. Especially when there is nothing wrong with a site that you are trying to access. It’s one thing to block sites that are really bad for humanity such as black markets, but those can..

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How to Stay Safe as a Journalist in 2018

Most would agree that jobs that involve writing and research are safe. But yet you are researching how to stay safe as a journalist in 2018. Why? As it’s not always the case that journalism is safe, unfortunately. 46 journalists were killed in 2017. This year, 9 have died so far with the most talked about being the murder of Jan Kuciak and his fi..

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Does Privacy Still Exist on the Internet in 2018?

“Does privacy still exist on the internet in 2018?” This is a question that will be asked a lot this year. Let’s give a brief timeline of internet and privacy in 2018 thus far. China tried to ban all VPN services from the start of February of this year. Just before 2018 happened, Russia put a law in place that instructed VPN companies to ban ..

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How to Stay Safe on a Train When Working

You take out your fancy laptop to work on a train and you are automatically a target. You don’t take it out and you could be missing out on many hours of work. The solution? Knowing how to stay safe on a train when working. And when it comes to knowing how to stay safe on a train when working, there are two aspects that you need to look at. ..

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How to Keep Your Internet Browsing Private at Work in 2018

So you want to keep your internet browsing private at work in 2018? Perhaps you had a bad experience with your activities on the internet being monitored last year with your past or current employe and were given a warning. Well, we believe in privacy wherever you are. Whether in somebody's home, the airport, or at work. These are some of ..

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