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Update about our VPN servers in Russia

Recently, we have had to turn off our services in Russia due to the current sanctions imposed on the country. This development is a blow to internet freedom in Russia, as many users depend on VPN services to access blocked websites and communicate privately online. VPN services have become increasingly popular in Russia over the years, as the gove..

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How to Keep your Work Laptop Safe - 4 Steps

Whether working on a secret documentary or the next big idea or perhaps storing user data, if you are looking to keep your work laptop safe, we go through some of the most practical steps to reduce risk of exposing your data to others, in 4 steps. Look at Your Surroundings The most obvious tip is to be aware of who is near at all times, with th..

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How to Protect Your Privacy Online (Computers + Phones)

The truth is that it’s impossible to fully protect your privacy online as for that you’d need not to have an online presence in the first place. All it takes is a leak in some company that you have an account with and out of nowhere your passwords, or personal information can be exposed. With that said, there is a lot that can be done to protec..

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How to Keep Your Data Safe Whether on a Computer or Online

Everyone wants to keep their data safe, after all, there's nothing worse than losing memories from holidays or important projects, yet so many of us make silly mistakes that lead to us losing data, or even worse, lead to our data being stolen which can be a big issue, depending on the specifics of what one steals from you. This post is about every..

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The Best VPN for Windows 10 Laptops in 2019

2019 is here, and that brings the question of what is the best VPN for Windows 10 laptops in 2019, and what is needed to call something the best in 2019. In this post, we break down some of the must-have features to call a VPN the best VPN for Windows 10 laptops in 2019. The Best VPN for Windows 10 Laptops in 2019 Has to Offer Servers That..

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Is Free Wi-Fi Safe to Use in 2019 and What's the Catch

Free Wi-Fi more properly referred to as public Wi-Fi that’s very known to be at places like Starbucks, the airport, buses, most restaurants, and even on airplanes is something that most of us used in the past, and well, you are reading this, so you for sure did. But is free Wi-Fi safe to use in 2019 and what’s the catch? As we do sure love free..

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The best VPN for Windows 10 Laptops

Are you looking for the best VPN for Windows 10 laptops whether you are solely business based or entertainment based? There are a few things to look out for, and if the VPN provider you are considering does not have these features, well, you should really re-consider considering that provider. If You Care About Security, the Art Is in the ..

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The Best VPN for the iPhone XS

Got the new iPhone XS? A new phone, a new start, right? While you might not care about your phone as much in two weeks as now, the best VPN for the iPhone XS will always come in handy. So what does the best VPN for the iPhone XS need? The Best VPN for the iPhone XS Needs to Provide Servers That Work with Everything You Might Want to Watch ..

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How to Read American News Sites in Europe in 2018/2019

Do you want to read American news sites in Europe? Some work but most don’t. And not because the US government sanctioned American news sites in Europe like it sanctioned the likes of booking sites in Iran, but because most news sites do not care about your privacy, but more on that in a second. Along with how to read American news sites in Europ..

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