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How to Watch Mandalorian in the UK

Do you want to watch the Mandalorian in the UK? You can only do so with Disney+, which unfortunately is not available in the UK and most countries on the planet. That makes it one of the rarest shows on the planet right now. That sucks because spoiler alert, it’s incredible. Especially if you are a Star Wars fan, and frankly, even if you aren’t..

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How to Get the Disney Plus Bundle Outside of the US

The Disney Plus bundle consists of Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu for the price of just $12.99, but none of these services are available outside of the US. And that’s why you are here. To learn how to get the Disney Plus bundle outside of the US. Fooling Disney to Get the Disney Plus Bundle Outside of the US The only way for you to get the Di..

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Why Disney+ Is Not Available in the UK and How to Set up Disney+ in the UK

Do you want to set up Disney+ in the UK? Are you wondering why Disney+ isn’t available in the UK in the first place? The answer to that is pretty simple. When it comes to entertainment services, ultimately goes down to having rights to the content. Except, Disney+ already has rights to all of its content as it owns the likes of Discovery Chann..

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Are Cheap VPN Services Worth It?

Are cheap VPN services worth it? When you searched for this on Google, you came across a list of cheap VPN services, but you also came across content that tells you not to use VPN services at all. The issue with all that content? It’s that it assumed that people want to use VPN services only to stay private on the internet. Are Cheap VPN ..

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How to Watch Hulu in Germany

You wanted to watch Hulu in Germany but discovered that Hulu is not available in Germany? To put simply, it goes down to rights. Hulu only has the rights to show its content in the US.  As a result, it needs to place blocks in place so that people like you can’t watch it places like Germany.    This also applies to all m..

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How to Watch Starz in Australia

Whether you are sick of Netflix and want a change or just want to watch Starz in Australia to be up to date with Power and American Gods, fooling Starz is relatively simple.  It just takes 2 steps that we’ll go over in this blog. Sounds good?  Let’s get into it then! The Only Way to Watch Starz in Australia There’s on..

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PrivateVPN Has a New iPhone App - Try an iPhone VPN for Free

Want to try an iPhone VPN for free? Have you already been thinking about getting PrivateVPN to unblock entertainment services on your iPhone but didn’t find the iPhone design appealing? Well, we’ve just updated our app, and it looks just as good as on Android devices, whether you use an iPhone or an iPad. Here’s what’s new and also thing..

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How to Watch Starz in the UK (Watch Power)

Want to watch Starz in the UK? Whether that's for Power or one of the many other great shows on Starz, surprisingly, there's more than one of doing it. Your Options as Far as Watching Starz in the UK Out of all the platforms out there that are restricted outside of the US, Starz makes your life the easiest as they try to make their platform s..

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How to Watch BBC iPlayer in Ireland (Updated for 2020)

You wanted to watch BBC iPlayer in Ireland and stumbled upon a message saying that it’s not available in your country? Weird considering that BBC is accessible on Irish TVs, right? In this guide, we are going to show you how you can watch BBC iPlayer in Ireland with this guide being updated for 2020, Oh, and this method will also allow you to ..

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