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The Best VPN for MacBook - What's Needed

Looking for the best VPN for Macbook? Regardless of your needs whether you are primarily looking for safety and privacy or more in the business of entertainment, there are a few features to consider that turn a good VPN into a great VPN and depending on your exact needs, the best VPN for MacBook.  Here’s 5 things to look at: 1. The Encrypt..

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How to Unblock More Netflix on MacBook more Netflix on Mac

Want to unblock more Netflix on Mac? It’s relatively simple, while at the same time giving you access to hundreds if not thousands extra shows and movies, as regardless of where you live, whether that’s in the US which would be home to a huge Netflix library, or other countries with smaller libraries, every region offers something different. An..

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VPN on macOS - Are VPNs worth it for MacOS?

Have a macOS product such as a macBook Pro and are wondering if VPNs are worth it for macOS or should you even bother with one? The bottom line is that even though macOS is by many considered a much more elitte system than Windows, and while the newest M1 series chips outperform almost all Windows laptops, there are certain things Apple doesn’t o..

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How to Unblock Streaming Services on MacBook

Looking to unblock more streaming services on your new macBook whether it’s the Pro or air? We don’t blame you. The new Macbook Pro for example comes with some of the best ever speakers seen in a laptop, with one of the best screens ever seen in a laptop. Or according to reviews, the best screen you can get on a laptop, not to mention one of th..

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How to Watch House of Dragon in the UK

Looking to watch House of Dragon in the UK once it launches in August? House of Dragon is a spin-off series to the well loved and respected series Game of Thrones, and after a long wait, is is bringing the world of George R. R. Martin back. One way to watch it in the UK is via Sky and specifically Sky Atlantic. If you however don’t want to have t..

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Top 5 Streaming Sites for Ireland & How to Make Them Work

Looking for streaming sites in Ireland whether to watch movies or TV shows? It’s not just Netflix that exists, and while we will also show you how to unblock more Netflix content in this guide, with Netflix recently increasing prices in Ireland, there are many other streaming sites that aren’t currently in Ireland, that you can make work in Ire..

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How to Watch House of the Dragon Online

House of Dragon, the spin-off Game of Thrones series is finally coming in 2022. And that brings the question of where can one watch House of Dragon Online, especially since the world of streaming has undergone so many changes since the launch of the original Game of Thrones. One of these changes? The introduction of HBO Max, a streaming platform th..

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How to Watch the Halo TV Show Online

Looking to watch the Halo TV show online? Halo is coming to Paramount+ and is based on the game series Halo. As to Paramount+, it’s a streaming platform that is home to some great shows while also offering a great mix of sports such as Champions League, at a great price. The catch? Paramount+ is not available everywhere. That’s why in this guid..

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Top 5 Streaming Sites for the UK & How to Make Them Work

The UK, while on paper might seem like a country that would have access to many streaming sites, in reality, misses out on a lot of them. That’s why in this guide we’ll go over the top 5 streaming sites for the UK, but then also how to make them work, since some of them aren’t currently available in the UK, meanwhile others are, but don’t o..

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How to Watch Hulu in Dubai in 2022 (2-Steps)

In Dubai wanting to watch Hulu? Right now, as it stands, it’s not possible to watch Hulu in Dubai. That’s because Hulu is only available in the US, and technically in a different version, also in Japan. This applies in 2022 but also probably many years in the future too as it simply doesn’t look like Hulu has plans to go abroad. Even though o..

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