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5 Things VPN Services Don't Tell You (From a VPN Service)

“Use VPN services,” they tell you. The fact that they left somethings out, they never tell you. Here are 5 things VPN services don’t tell you that you should know before it’s too late or you end up disappointed. 1. That If a VPN Service Is Fully Free, It’s Not Really a VPN Service! As a business needs to make money... VPN service..

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How to Unblock Hotstar Outside of India

Hotstar is one of the only platforms in the world that offers a significant portion of its content for free. The issue? That you will need to unblock Hotstar outside of India, the US, and Canada as Hotstar is not available in most regions around the world, even though it’s owned by Disney. Why You Need to Search for How to Unblock Hotsta..

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How to Unblock Streaming Services in the UK in 3-Steps (Hulu, Hotstar, RTE, DAZN, and More)

Want to unblock streaming services in the UK? Rightly so, considering that most of them are blocked in the UK. Even DAZN, which is a UK platform, was not available in the UK for years, and now is only going to be coming into the UK, but as a very limited service, and this is where a guide like this comes in. These 3 steps will allow to either un..

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How to Unblock Hotstar in Europe

Want to unblock Hotstar in Europe? You’ve probably seen “ is unavailable for residents in Europe” phrase, and not only is the reason why Hotstar not available in Europe different to what Hotstar state, but it’s also possible to unblock Hotstar in Europe and not just Europe but everywhere else for that matter. And in this g..

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How to Watch BBC iPlayer in Australia

If you ever tried to watch BBC iPlayer in Australia, then you know that it doesn’t work. BBC will tell you that because you aren’t paying a TV license in the UK, you can’t watch BBC iPlayer... But is that the actual reason? And how do you bypass this issue to watch BBC iPlayer? We’ll show you this in this guide. Are you looking to..

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How to Watch Hulu in India and Why Hulu Is Not Available in India

Looking to watch Hulu in India? It’s not just in India where Hulu is not available. Unfortunately, Hulu is not available outside of the US at all, whether you want to watch it in Canada, or even in the UK. And while we hope that changes soon, due to Hulu being acquired by Disney a few months ago, this is not going to happen this year, nor probabl..

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How to Watch BBC iPlayer in Canada in 2020

Ever tried to watch BBC iPlayer in Canada? Then you know that it’s only possible in the UK. BBC will tell you that since you aren’t paying for a UK TV license in Canada, it can’t show you BBC. In this guide, we’ll show you how to unblock BBC iPlayer in Canada in 2020 or whenever you are reading this guide, but also tell you the actual re..

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How to Watch Hotstar in Ireland

Want to watch Hotstar in Ireland in 2020? Not so long ago, it was possible as Hotstar didn’t have measures in place. In 2020, Hotstar, which is one of the many platforms owned by Disney, is not available in Europe officially anymore.  ...But there is a way to make Hotstar work in Ireland and all over the world, with just a few simple step..

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7 Binge-Worthy TV Shows to Binge during Coronavirus

For many, this is not a great time. You have to stay inside, and there are no sports to watch. With that in mind, we compiled a list of best TV shows to binge during Coronavirus The English Game This Netflix original series that got released on the 20th of March is that series we all needed but never knew we needed. Based in the late 20th ..

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Is HBO Now Worth It in 2020?

With Game of Thrones being over, and new platforms like Disney Plus being out, you might be asking yourself, is HBO Now worth it in 2020, or should you perhaps shift your budget towards a different series? HBO after Game of Thrones In 2019, when we first wrote a post as to whether HBO Now is worth it, we were saying that you should do it ..

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