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The best VPN for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and DAZN for 2019

Do you want to watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, DAZN, and maybe even BBC iPlayer in 2019 regardless of your location? That’s what a VPN will help with. Except, if you want to access more than one of these or all of these, most VPN services will fail you as they work with some services but not all. But what is the best VPN for Netflix, Hulu, Ama..

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Is Free Wi-Fi Safe to Use in 2019 and What's the Catch

Free Wi-Fi more properly referred to as public Wi-Fi that’s very known to be at places like Starbucks, the airport, buses, most restaurants, and even on airplanes is something that most of us used in the past, and well, you are reading this, so you for sure did. But is free Wi-Fi safe to use in 2019 and what’s the catch? As we do sure love free..

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How to make Hulu work in Canada in 2019

Do you want to know how to make Hulu work in Canada in 2019? Of course, you do. If you care about watching shows right after they air rather than after a season is over, Hulu is a much better choice than Netflix or Amazon Prime. Especially since people on the internet can be cruel and provide spoilers in the most unexpected parts of the internet. ..

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Is a VPN Really Necessary in China in 2019?

The internet is known to twist things to sell products. Maybe you are going to China and have been told that you need a VPN and are wondering is a VPN really necessary in China in 2019? This post will break down why you most likely don’t but also why you should. Where Are You From? Where you are from will be a big factor when determin..

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How to Make DAZN Work in the US in 2019

Maybe you want to support your team more in 2019 but can’t always attend the matches, and perhaps you gave up on cable TV. DAZN is a solution for you, but DAZN doesn’t work in the US. Not in 2018 and not in 2019. Unless you only want to watch fights, then it does. If you want more, it does work in Canada where people go through the same problem..

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Do VPNs Work with Netflix in 2019

Do you want to watch American Netflix in 2019? Perhaps you are looking for the UK version of Netflix? Or maybe Korean or Swedish? Well, it looks like you figured out that while the American Netflix may have a much much bigger library of content, it doesn’t have it all and that sometimes can mean that you are missing out on great TV shows and movi..

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Are Free VPN Services Safe to Use in 2019 and at What Cost?

There’s plenty of great free VPN services that will make some question the point of existence of paid VPN services, but then there are others like you who are pondering are free VPN services safe to use in 2019 and at what cost? Here’s the thing, when something is free, you often pay with the currency of privacy. Well, that’s not a great s..

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Why Hulu Is Not Available in Canada and How to Set up Hulu in Canada in 2019

Do you want to set up Hulu in Canada in 2019? Are you wondering why Hulu is not available in Canada in the first place? To put simply, it goes down to rights to content. Some companies in other countries have exclusive rights to some of the content on Hulu, and Hulu, unlike Netflix shows content the day after it airs. It’s a lot harder to get rig..

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The Best VPN for OnePlus 6T

OnePlus just announced the new OnePlus 6T. And while OnePlus phones are not as cheap as they used to be, compared to the prices of phones today, they still come at incredible prices for what they offer. Especially considering the base 6T model comes with 128GB of storage. Oh, and it has a fingerprint scanner built-in into the screen! Insane! Oh, an..

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