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How to Find out If a Movie Is on Netflix and How to Watch It

You really want to watch a movie or a TV show in high quality? The chances are that it’s on Netflix, but if you want to find out if a movie is on Netflix, you need to search for it right. And most of the time, people search wrong. Scrolling through categories or searching in the search box is not enough. You need to avoid these two methods. Ho..

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How to watch BBC iPlayer outside of the UK - BBC guide

You got PrivateVPN to watch BBC iPlayer outside of the UK? It’s not that simple. It’s not as easy as connecting to a server and just watching. Here are a few things to know if you want to watch BBC iPlayer outside of the UK. Ireland Is Not Part of the UK A lot of people confuse this. Northern Ireland is part of the UK. Actual Ireland isn..

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How to Watch Polish TV in the UK in 2018

You have Polish roots due to WW2. Perhaps your parents moved to the UK when you were little. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you want to watch the Polish national team play. Well unless it’s the FIFA World Cup or Poland is playing England, the chances are you will not be able to watch the Polish national team play in the UK. That’s wh..

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How to Keep Your Internet Browsing Private at Work in 2018

So you want to keep your internet browsing private at work in 2018? Perhaps you had a bad experience with your activities on the internet being monitored last year with your past or current employe and were given a warning. Well, we believe in privacy wherever you are. Whether in somebody's home, the airport, or at work. These are some of ..

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How to Unblock Netflix - Guide

You are here to unblock Netflix. Great. Here are a few things you should know first. Devices That PrivateVPN Works With VPN is great until your device doesn’t support it. PrivateVPN supports all major devices including Windows, Android, MacOS, and iOS devices. It also supports the Amazon Fire TV Stick. It does however not work ..

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How to Use American Netflix in Canada in 2018

So you want to use American Netflix in Canada? Of course because perhaps you live 20 miles outside of the US and have a friend that lives just 40 miles away from you in the US. You see that friend every single day, and you often stay over in each other’s homes. You both also love Netflix. And one day you decided to do TV show nights. This whole ..

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How to Stay Secure on Public Computers in 2018

You don’t know what’s on it. That’s the biggest problem when it comes to public computers. It’s hard to stay secure on public computers if you don’t know what kind of hidden software is on them. If you meet somebody, you can generally tell what they are like. You can feel their vibes. With a computer, you don’t know. Somebody could be l..

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How to Watch American Netflix in the UK in 2018

Yes, we know you are guilty of it. You are thinking about it right now. you want to watch American Netflix in the UK, well we’ll show you how anybody can watch American Netflix regardless of where they are in 2018. It’s getting harder and harder to do so but Netflix how big loophole. This will totally not work in China. But then again, nob..

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How to Keep Your Internet History Private When in Somebody's Home

Do you want to keep your history private when in somebody's home? Perhaps you are doing a home exchange on GuestToGuest. You might stay in an Airbnb. Maybe you are simply visiting a friend. It doesn’t have to be any of these reasons. Your housemates could be the reason. But regardless of the situation, your internet history could be at risk, and ..

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