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China Is Banning VPN Services - 1 Billion People Without Freedom

The entire world went crazy about net neutrality yet that’s not a big problem compared to what China is doing as China is banning VPN services. That’s huge. Sure, net neutrality might result in you having a slower connection to a certain website. It might also result in you having to pay to use a certain website. Unless you use a VPN service of..

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How to Install the Alluc Addon on Kodi - 2018 - the Simplest Way

So you want to install the Alluc addon on Kodi? Great. It’s a link-sharing-website that provides links to almost every type of video available on the internet. We are talking 80-million videos. It’s like a search engine but for videos. Kodi, on the other hand, is one of the most popular open-source media players. It’s also nearly impossible t..

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How to Stay Secure When Using Wi-Fi at Airports

How to stay secure when using Wi-Fi at airports? Well, first you actually need to have Wi-Fi to use. Big airports provide it. Small, lack it. And if it gets too crowded, it often stops working. You could use your data from your phone, but that doesn’t work too great at airports either. But let’s assume that you are lucky enough to have Wi-Fi at..

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Can You Use Putlocker to Watch Movies Legally and Safely?

Putlocker is known for providing just about every movie and TV show on the planet. But is it legal to use Putlocker to watch movies legally since it’s available for free? Especially since millions of people do it daily? What’s the difference between Putlocker and the likes of Netflix or Hulu? On Netflix, you pay a monthly fee. On Hulu, yo..

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Why You Will Need to Use a VPN in 2018

Russia. China. This entire planet. THings are changing. Some countries are removing freedom on the internet. Others are adding more in theory but actually reducing it. The US for instance. One thing is for sure. Things on the internet are changing, and there’s more than one reason on why you need to use a VPN in 2018. To Access Content at th..

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What Will Happen With the Lack of Net Neutrality in the US

Have the fastest possible internet in your country. Pay for the best cables, routers, and extenders. Watch your 4K House of Cards in Full HD because “your internet is too slow.” That’s what the lack of net neutrality might look like. Except watching something in HD instead of 4k might be your smallest problem. Perhaps you’ll have to pay to..

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How to Install a VPN on an iPhone to Watch Any Content You Want

Apple revolutionized mobile entertainment forever. Long gone are the days where you have to go to your TV at night to watch a TV show. You don’t even need a TV subscription anymore. Services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime allow us to watch just about anything whenever we want. At whatever angle you decide wherever we decide. You can ..

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How to Stay Safe on the Internet in 2018

Do you think that you are safe on the internet? So did I before I got a letter from my internet provider that stated that they weren’t monitoring my activities but that they saw that I accessed a forbidden site. HOW WOULD SOMEBODY KNOW THIS IF THEY WEREN’T MONITORING MY ACTIVITIES? 2018 is around the corner. A lot of countries are getting st..

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How to enable IPv6 on OpenVPN TAP adaper Windows

This guide shows you how to enable IPv6 on OpenVPN TAP adapter for Windows. 1. Go to control panel. 2. Click on Network and Sharing Center. 3. Click on Change adapter settings. 4. Right click on TAP-Windows Adapter V9 and select Properties. 5. Enable Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) and click on OK..

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