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How to Watch Champions League on the Internet for Free and Legally

So you want to watch Champions League on the internet for free because you don’t have a TV subscription? There’s plenty of ways to do it if you want to be illegal. But illegal streams are rarely reliable, and the quality is not top notch. You might be able to watch a game, but it won’t be the quality that you would invite your friends to watc..

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Is a VPN legal to use in the UK? As of 2018 - Netflix & Content

Is a VPN legal to use in the UK? After all, it can be used for so many bad things such as downloading illegal content. Should that not make it illegal? It is not as simple as that. Here’s a great example, a knife can be used to chop vegetables, but it can also be used to kill people. A VPN can be used to stay protected from people stealing your i..

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Things to Know Before Using a VPN Service in 2018

You sign up. You install it. Of course, you turn it on. BOOM. You are secure. You are free. Except, that’s not always the case. You aren’t always free, and you certainly aren’t always secure. There’s a few thing to know before using a VPN otherwise you might be missing out on security. Whether that’s because of your lack of knowledge or b..

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How to Unblock Websites on Google Chrome at School or College

You want to unblock websites on Google Chrome at school or college? You do have a right to.  Web filters in school are probably the most ridiculous form of censorship available. Same with some Collages. China does not even compare at times. You want to translate something on Google Translate because you don't understand something which woul..

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How to Find out If a Movie Is on Netflix and How to Watch It

You really want to watch a movie or a TV show in high quality? The chances are that it’s on Netflix, but if you want to find out if a movie is on Netflix, you need to search for it right. And most of the time, people search wrong. Scrolling through categories or searching in the search box is not enough. You need to avoid these two methods. Ho..

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How to watch BBC iPlayer outside of the UK - BBC guide

You got PrivateVPN to watch BBC iPlayer outside of the UK? It’s not that simple. It’s not as easy as connecting to a server and just watching. Here are a few things to know if you want to watch BBC iPlayer outside of the UK. Ireland Is Not Part of the UK A lot of people confuse this. Northern Ireland is part of the UK. Actual Ireland isn..

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How to Watch Polish TV in the UK in 2018

You have Polish roots due to WW2. Perhaps your parents moved to the UK when you were little. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you want to watch the Polish national team play. Well unless it’s the FIFA World Cup or Poland is playing England, the chances are you will not be able to watch the Polish national team play in the UK. That’s wh..

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How to Keep Your Internet Browsing Private at Work in 2018

So you want to keep your internet browsing private at work in 2018? Perhaps you had a bad experience with your activities on the internet being monitored last year with your past or current employe and were given a warning. Well, we believe in privacy wherever you are. Whether in somebody's home, the airport, or at work. These are some of ..

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