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Why Is Every Company Updating Their Privacy Policy?

You might have woken up in the last few days with more than an average number of emails. Sorry, it's not because you suddenly got more famous but because every company that has contact with you sent you their updated privacy policy. So why is every company updating their privacy policy to the point that you are so irritated that you had to Google f..

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Is It Safe to Go to Russia During the World Cup?

Is it safe to go to Russia during the World Cup? That’s what every football fan is asking right now.   A celebration of football on the pitch and around the pitch, but a potential danger not around it, or even in some cases around it. What should you know or expect? World Cup is the safest and most dangerous time to visit Russia ..

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How to Unblock Telegram in Iran and Why It Got Blocked

Telegram was blocked in Iran. That’s why you are here searching for how to unblock Telegram in Iran. Your freedom of communication was taken away from you. Just like in Russia. Except, Russia which we made a post about lately is not taking censorship to the level of Iran or China as of yet. Iran is a problem. Your freedom of expression is essenti..

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How to Unblock Facebook When It's Blocked

I quit Facebook over two years ago. There are people like me, and then there are also people that want to know how to unblock Facebook when it’s blocked. Whether their Facebook is blocked due to a web-filter in school or when connected to a mobile operator or whether it’s due to Facebook being blocked by the government of a country. The reas..

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How to Watch American Netflix on a Plane

It’s 2018. You want to watch American Netflix on a plane because even though it’s 2018, flights are still a pain. And that’s the reality. They aren’t getting much faster, and your body probably hurts more on a flight today than it would back in the late 50’s and early 60’s. Back then, flying used to be luxury. Now, it’s about being pu..

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How to Stay Safe on Holidays in 2018

YAY! THAT TIME OF THE YEAR AGAIN! For some it means warmer rain in the summer, for some, it means more vitamin D, for others, it means a trip. And sometimes that trip, it requires knowing how to stay safe on holidays. Do you want to stay safe on holidays? There are 3 aspects that need to be looked at when it comes to safety. Staying safe, kee..

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How to Use Telegram in Russia (and Was It Right to Ban It?)

Do you want to use Telegram in Russia? It has recently been banned. Now, Russia is not China when it comes to website banning but it does block some sites unnecessarily, and Telegram is a great example of that. If you don’t know what Telegram is, it’s a messaging app that gained a massive following for not being based in America which is known ..

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How to Access Blocked Websites in Russia

You are going to the World Cup and want to know how to access blocked websites in Russia? This has been a topic that was being mentioned a lot lately. And a lot of it was exaggerated by VPN companies trying to gain extra customers. While Russia for sure is making some bad choices when it comes to banning sites, you can’t compare it to China as mo..

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How to Use Hulu Outside of the US - THE ULTIMATE GUIDE

You are looking for how to use Hulu outside of the US? Whether on your mobile device, your Fire TV Stick, or computer, this is the ultimate guide that will help you use Hulu outside of the US. And let’s just say, it’s not as simple as just using a VPN to make Hulu think you are in the US. Let’s start with the most common questions about Hu..

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How to Go past Web Filters Set by Internet Providers

You want to know how to go past web filters set by internet providers whether it’s your provider at home or your mobile operator? You absolutely have the right to. Especially when there is nothing wrong with a site that you are trying to access. It’s one thing to block sites that are really bad for humanity such as black markets, but those can..

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