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New MacOS VPN application released

We've released a new update of the MacOS VPN app. Unfortunately the update mechanism has stopped worked in current version which means you'll have to update to latest version manually. We recommend to remove previous version before installing newest version. In this version we support OpenVPN as connection type also. Download the..

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How to Save Money on Last-Minute Flights

You’ve probably heard many tips about how to save money on flights. But most of these aren’t about how to save money on last-minute flights. It’s great to find out that we can save money if we fly during a certain season, but that is of no help to us if we need to fly ASAP. And ASAP flights tend to cost a lot. So how do you save money on..

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How to Watch NBC Outside of the US

Yep, you left the US and tried to watch the news or a match, but got that message instead. It happened to you. It happened to others. As long as you are not in the US, you will not be able to watch NBC content on their site. But that's why you are here, right? To get that problem solved. It's at least 2017 when you are reading this. Al..

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How to Watch Fox TV Shows Outside of the US

Do you want to watch your favorite Fox shows? Fox is responsible for a lot of shows. The Simpsons and Prison Break are just some of the classics. The current hit Lucifer is also made by Fox. There’s a lot of shows to watch, and you don’t need a Hulu subscription to watch them if you have the Fox app or watch on their site. Fox has their o..

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How to stay secure at Web Summit - 2017

Web Summit is called the greatest tech conference in the world. It’s also one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but with 60,000 people at an event, there come some risks, both digitally and physically. How do you stay secure at Web Summit? Firstly, the chances of somebody stealing your information or items are low. People don..

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How to Get Rid of Internet Censorship Regardless of Where You Are

While most of us are lucky to live in democratic countries, it’s not just regimes that censor content on the internet whether it’s the news, social media, or simple web pages. Google has a tool called Transparency Report that allows you to see government requests to remove content, and pretty much every country has made requests to block ..

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How to Get a VPN on Android and Why?

A VPN is like what a jailbreak is to an iPhone. It sets you free. It sets you free from any restrictions that you might encounter. But a VPN sets you free when it comes to the internet. But if you were searching for how to get a VPN on Android then you probably already know that. If you don't then here's what you need to know. VPN stands for Virtua..

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How to Unblock Websites in China

Internet and China don't get along. There are so many big internet apps and sites that you can’t access in China. Do you want to Google something? You won't get your answer. Do you want to learn something on YouTube? You can't. Do you want to tweet about your trip on Twitter? 140 characters limit? Well, in China, zero is the limit. Facebook? For..

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How to Use Amazon Prime Outside of the US and UK

Amazon Prime isn’t like Hulu. It doesn’t provide all the newest TV shows. It’s a lot like Netflix though, but it’s not just about TV shows or movies. Amazon Prime is about more than that. It’s also two million songs with Prime Music. You also get access to many free books and magazines. And if you love pictures, you get storage for them t..

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VPN for Windows - How and Why to Install

Why would you install something if you don’t need it, right? That’s the thing though. Most people don’t know what VPN stands for, and why you should have such a thing, or rather why you need it. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. When you use it, you are connected to a virtual network, and that has many benefits that you need...

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