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Is Disney Plus Coming to Australia in 2019 (And What to Do Until It Does)

Heard of Disney Plus and got excited? It’s hard not to. Especially considering that Disney just announced a $12.99 deal for Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ starting on November, 12th. Except, just like Hulu isn’t in Australia, neither is Disney Plus, bringing the question of is Disney Plus coming to Australia in 2019 or at all and what you can do for ..

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The Best VPN for Gaming (And Do You Really Need It?)

If you ever searched for a guide about the best VPN for gaming, you will find content that does not make sense, but that is written entirely with SEO in mind. A VPN being “multiplatform” isn’t actually a reason for you to need a VPN for gaming. In this guide, we are talking about why you might need the best VPN (or any VPN for that matter) fo..

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How to Watch NFL on DAZN

Do you want to watch NFL ON DAZN? Frankly, the NFL will work on any DAZN account, with some adjustments. And if DAZN currently isn’t available in your country, don’t worry. We have something for you too. And that’s whether you want to watch NFL RedZone, NFL Sunday Ticket, or NFL Network 24/7.  How to Watch NFL on DAZN If You Are..

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How to Get Hulu in India (In 3 Easy Steps)

Do you want to get Hulu in India? It’s not just India that doesn’t have access to Hulu. The same applies when it comes to Canada and the UK. Worldwide, really. Hulu is only available in the US and Japan. And while that might change soon as Disney bought Hulu, for now, we have a guide about to get Hulu in India in just 3 easy steps. The..

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Is FaceApp Safe (From the Perspective of a Privacy Service)

In recent days, an app called FaceApp that frankly has been around for many years has become an internet hit. But while it became a hit, news sites and TV channels immediately caught it out as an app that’s potentially not safe. As a site that covers internet privacy and service that protects you on the internet, we decided to cover is FaceApp sa..

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How to Watch US TV Online (Even If Outside of the US)

Do you want to watch US TV online even if outside of the US? It’s 100% possible. The question? What US TV do you want to watch, particularly? As there’s a lot to choose from. In this guide, we’ll go everything that matters when it comes to watching US TV online and will dive into how to watch some of the most popular streaming channels, in th..

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How to Watch HBO in the UK

Do you want to watch HBO in the UK? Game of Thrones might be over, but that doesn’t mean that HBO isn’t worth having anymore. Series like Chernobyl show that HBO isn’t just about Game of Thrones, with prequels of GOT being in development by the way. How do you do it? With a few tricks that allow you to fool HBO.  Can You Watc..

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