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How to Watch Hulu in India and Why Hulu Is Not Available in India

Looking to watch Hulu in India? It’s not just in India where Hulu is not available. Unfortunately, Hulu is not available outside of the US at all, whether you want to watch it in Canada, or even in the UK. And while we hope that changes soon, due to Hulu being acquired by Disney a few months ago, this is not going to happen this year, nor probabl..

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How to Watch BBC iPlayer in Canada in 2020

Ever tried to watch BBC iPlayer in Canada? Then you know that it’s only possible in the UK. BBC will tell you that since you aren’t paying for a UK TV license in Canada, it can’t show you BBC. In this guide, we’ll show you how to unblock BBC iPlayer in Canada in 2020 or whenever you are reading this guide, but also tell you the actual re..

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How to Watch Hotstar in Ireland

Want to watch Hotstar in Ireland in 2020? Not so long ago, it was possible as Hotstar didn’t have measures in place. In 2020, Hotstar, which is one of the many platforms owned by Disney, is not available in Europe officially anymore.  ...But there is a way to make Hotstar work in Ireland and all over the world, with just a few simple step..

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7 Binge-Worthy TV Shows to Binge during Coronavirus

For many, this is not a great time. You have to stay inside, and there are no sports to watch. With that in mind, we compiled a list of best TV shows to binge during Coronavirus The English Game This Netflix original series that got released on the 20th of March is that series we all needed but never knew we needed. Based in the late 20th ..

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Is HBO Now Worth It in 2020?

With Game of Thrones being over, and new platforms like Disney Plus being out, you might be asking yourself, is HBO Now worth it in 2020, or should you perhaps shift your budget towards a different series? HBO after Game of Thrones In 2019, when we first wrote a post as to whether HBO Now is worth it, we were saying that you should do it ..

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How to Watch SVT Play in the US

If you ever tried watching SVT Play in the US, then you know that when you try playing anything, “we have technical problems. Please try again in a moment.” appears. That’s because SVT Play is only available in Sweden. In this guide, we’ll tell you why that is while also showing you how to watch SVT Play in the US. Why SVT Play ..

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Is DAZN Worth it in 2020? DAZN 2020 Review

If you love watching sports, you might have seen DAZN around the news lately. And while you probably aren’t going to be watching sports for a few months, perhaps that’s why you are now searching for whether DAZN is worth it, and while we made a post about this in 2019, a lot has changed since then. DAZN Explained Before we get into th..

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How to Watch SVT Play in the UK

Ever wanted to know why whenever you try to watch SVT Play in the UK, you get a “We have technical problems. Please try again in a moment.” message? It’s because SVT Play is not automatically available in the UK. In this guide, we’ll show you how practical it is to make SVT Play work in the UK, as well as how to make other platforms work..

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Is Netflix Worth It in 2020 with Disney Plus Being Out?

The end of 2019 wasn’t a great time for Netflix. Disney Plus came out taking back a bunch of its content, creating the first major competition to Netflix in years, and bringing the question of is Netflix worth it in 2020. Or should you get Disney Plus instead, or should you perhaps stick with both? The Content Those that haven’t resea..

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How to Watch BBC iPlayer in India in 2020

Are you looking to watch BBC iPlayer in India? In India, just like across the entire planet, it’s not possible to watch BBC iPlayer right away as it’s blocked. There is a relatively simple way to watch BBC iPlayer in India, though, and we go over it in this BBC guide while also covering why exactly you can’t watch BBC iPlayer in India in 2..

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