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Is FaceApp Safe (From the Perspective of a Privacy Service)

In recent days, an app called FaceApp that frankly has been around for many years has become an internet hit. But while it became a hit, news sites and TV channels immediately caught it out as an app that’s potentially not safe. As a site that covers internet privacy and service that protects you on the internet, we decided to cover is FaceApp sa..

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How to Watch US TV Online (Even If Outside of the US)

Do you want to watch US TV online even if outside of the US? It’s 100% possible. The question? What US TV do you want to watch, particularly? As there’s a lot to choose from. In this guide, we’ll go everything that matters when it comes to watching US TV online and will dive into how to watch some of the most popular streaming channels, in th..

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How to Watch HBO in the UK

Do you want to watch HBO in the UK? Game of Thrones might be over, but that doesn’t mean that HBO isn’t worth having anymore. Series like Chernobyl show that HBO isn’t just about Game of Thrones, with prequels of GOT being in development by the way. How do you do it? With a few tricks that allow you to fool HBO.  Can You Watc..

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How to Watch Hotstar on TV (Regardless of Your Location)

Do you want to watch Hotstar on TV? It’s simple, it’s somewhat easy, and it’s also complicated. Which one? It depends on where you live.  With that said, we’ll have a solution to every problem that you might have, in this guide. Where You Live Matters If You Want to Watch Hotstar on TV Do you live in India? Do you live in the ..

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How to Watch Hotstar in the US

Frankly, if you are looking for how to watch Hostar in the US, the US and Canada are the only locations outside of India where Hotstar is available. With that said, the US Hostar is much more costly while providing far less content. That’s why in this guide, we are going to talk about how to watch Hotstar in the US, but the Indian version so that..

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Is it Possible to Watch Power Season 6 on Netflix?

If you are wondering is it possible to watch Power season 6 on Netflix, we don't blame you. The trailer for season 6 of Power was incredible. And the show itself, a favorite of many for the previous seasons that were unlike many shows. The issue? Watching Power season 6 on Netflix. At least for many. Is It Possible to Watch Power Season 6 ..

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How to Watch Hulu Live TV in Europe

Are you driven by the idea of online TV and would love to watch Hulu LIVE TV in Europe? The great news? It’s possible. The not so great news? That Hulu does not work in Europe or even in Canada for that matter, and is one of the most complicated services to unblock so spoiler alert, you need to have some patience. Why It Might Not Be so ..

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How to Watch American Amazon Prime in India

Amazon Prime, while perhaps not as rich in content as Netflix, offers a package that attracts many for other reasons. Such as the incredible deal of services that you get with it which we’ll talk about below, but while it is already possible to watch Amazon Prime in India and to access all the perks that come with it, Amazon Prime in India is rig..

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How to Watch Hotstar in the UAE

Do you want to watch Hotstar in UAE? It’s a lot more complicated than if you just want to watch Hotstar in the UK or overall outside of India due to the restrictions present in the UAE. It doesn’t mean that you can’t watch Hotstar in the UAE. You can, and we’ll guide you through how to do it, step by step, just like we guide other people wi..

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