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What Does Torrenting Mean & Is it Legal in 2022

Looking to find out what does torrenting mean? After all, it often holds the fear that’s comparable to someone saying “Lord Voldemort” in Harry Potter. The reality? The meaning of torrenting isn’t to be as feared, once properly understood. What Does Torrenting Mean The traditional way to download files? You go to a website and download ..

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Ultimate Smartphone Privacy Guide for 2022

The most valuable item you own? It’s the data on your phone. That’s why we’ve created this ultimate smartphone privacy guide for 2022. Your phone holds all the information one would ever need to find out everything there is to know about you.  ...Your card details. Where you went. Who you texted. What you texted. How much time you spent..

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Ultimate iPhone Privacy Guide For Maximum Privacy

One might ask if one even needs an iPhone privacy guide. After all, iPhones have always been portrayed as devices that are much safer than Android, and that you can’t even get a virus on. But Apple is also known for great marketing. Didn’t they say they design their devices in California, even though in the end, they were still made in China ju..

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Ultimate Android Privacy Guide For 2021

An Android user looking for online privacy? The great thing about Android phones is that they always provided an extra set of freedom that Apple devices didn’t. For example, you could always install apps from unknown sources, not to mention that back a few years ago, you could even have Adobe Flash installed on most Android devices, which at th..

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Service interruption 20211202

We are experiencing disruptions right now in our service. Troubleshooting in progress. * Update 1 - 2021-12-02 12:18 We are still investigating the issue which is impacting 95% of our servers. The server in Norway - Oslo can be used in urgen..

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Are VPN Services Safe to Use in 2021 and at What Cost?

Are VPN services safe to use in 2021? Some sites or videos will in the title tell you to not use VPN services. Others on the other side will tell you that it’s a must. In this guide, we break down whether VPN services are, in fact, safe to use. The Big “Are VPN Services Safe to Use” Question: Can VPN Services Fully Protect You VPN service..

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6 Reasons Why VPN is Used & Why You Need to Use it

Whenever reading about safety on the internet you will often be told to use a VPN, but rarely ever explained why VPN is used by many people around the world. In this guide, we go over some of the main reasons for why exactly people use VPN services.  Ready?  Why VPN is Used #1: Safety When Having to Use Public Wi-Fi Chances are that yo..

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How to Watch American Streaming Services in Canada (Everything That's Needed in 2021)

Living or visiting Canada and find yourself in a position where you aren’t able to watch any of the American Streaming services in Canada? You aren’t the only one. Whether you live just 5 minutes from the US or 3 hours away, once you are outside of the US, almost all streaming services out there stop working.  ...Whether that’s Hulu, ES..

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How to Watch HBO Max in the UK in 2021

Want to watch HBO Max in the UK? It’s not currently possible under official ways, but there is a quite simple way to make it work, that requires just 2 steps. Meaning that you will be able to access some of the best TV shows ever created, even if in the UK. ...But first... Why It’s Not Possible to Watch HBO Max in the UK While Possible in O..

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Is Hulu in Canada in 2021 & How to Make Hulu in Canada Work

Wondering is Hulu in Canada in 2021? The short answer? No. The longer answer? Yes. Hulu is in Canada in 2021, just as it is available around the world, if you implement the right steps to make Hulu in Canada work. Why is Hulu in Canada in 2021 Not Available Right Away Articles have been written about Hulu coming to Canada all the way back in 20..

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