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Our custom-built VPN for Netflix means you can unlock the entire US catalogue of titles, stream your native Netflix from abroad and enjoy the latest shows in crystal-clear HD, without risking your account.

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Enjoy your favourite shows regardless of location
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Current working VPN locations for Netflix

USA - Buffalo
USA - New York City
USA - Los Angeles
Canada - Toronto
UK - London 1
UK - London 2
France - Paris
Denmark - Copenhagen
Finland - Helsinki
Germany - Frankfurt 1
Norway - Oslo
Poland - Warsaw
Sweden - Kista
Sweden - Stockholm
Switzerland - Zürich
Netherlands - Amsterdam 1

I'm getting oops something went wrong!

That's because your current location are being blocked by Netflix. With PrivateVPN you can bypass that restriction.

How to access Netflix with PrivateVPN?

It has never been easier to access Netflix. Connect to our VPN servers in Buffalo or NYC with our VPN app for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android. Enjoy your favorite series from Netflix!

1. Register an account here
2. Download our VPN app
3. Connect to our working VPN location
4. Launch Netflix service and enjoy your favorite series from Netflix!

I'm connected to right VPN location and it still doesn't work!

If you use Windows or Mac, make sure you clear the browser cache like cookies.

Can I watch Netflix from any devices?

Yes, we support all most popular devices:
  • Laptop and Desktop - Use our PrivateVPN app for Windows / Mac / Linux
  • Smartphone and Tablet - Use our PrivateVPN app for iOS and Android
  • For Apple TV - Use VPN on your router

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I am a long time user and the product is excellent. In all those years it has proven to be a very reliable product and the the case that you have a question or problem their support is superb: very fast and always very useful answers / remarks. I highly recommend this product. For Netflix users, PrivateVPN works very well. I watch Netflix in several European countries and so far without any problems. Read Review!

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The best VPN service I have used!. Secure, fast and reliable. I’ve now been a user for a number of years. I love the number of server locations. Perfect for Netflix, Hulu & BBC iPlayer. Highly recommended. Read Review!

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