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Best VPN For UK

The Fastest VPN for UK with Complete Online Privacy & Security

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  • 6 simultaneous connections.
  • Zero logging
  • Servers in 29 countries
  • VPN protocol includes OpenVPN, PPTP,

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Speeds when it matters

PrivateVPN, one of the fastest VPN service providers, designed its global network to offer our users the fastest VPN speeds possible in UK.
The highest level of security — whether you’re connected at home or on public Wi-Fi

We care about your Privacy & Security

PrivateVPN keeps your IP address, your location, your Internet activity and your personal communication private to protect your identity. No one can monitor your online activity or gain access to your data and personal information when connected to our UK VPN servers.
Strong encryption that protects your data, personal information and communications from hackers and thieves. The ability to hide your IP address and location, giving you complete anonymity and online privacy from marketers, search engines and government surveillance
When using our UK VPN servers, you are 100% protected. PrivateVPN delivers security, privacy, speed and competitive pricing.

Access Any British Website or App Without Censorship with our UK VPN servers

Why are you unable to access certain websites at certain times or from certain locations? Some workplaces restrict network access to employees to minimize distractions. Schools often block access to keep potentially questionable material from students. Some countries completely ban sites they deem politically sensitive, and they monitor your online activity as well.
Is there anything you can do about this? Yes! PrivateVPN, the best UK VPN to unblock British websites, offers access to all sites, no matter what your location. Be Sure to Get the Best Proven Private VPN for Streaming services like BBC, HBO, Sky and Netflix.
Get Unlimited Access to Your Favorite UK Sites From Anywhere by connecting to our super-fast VPN servers in UK.

One of the best VPN I ever tried in my life PERIOD the servers are truly high quality especially in Sweden haha! I get like 10ms ping only and im fully on gear with this after my free 24h I will buy 3 months from you guys, you guys ROCK! so glad I found you!


I have been using PrivateVPN for about 2 years and the service has always been fast and reliable. When I joined they only had a basic client for windows, since then they have built new apps for android and iOS and improved the windows app. I have used the support several times as I learn how vpn works and what is needed to have a secure connection and they have always offered advice and suggestions. Great for torrents as well. Highly recommend!


PrivateVPN is one of the best provider i\'ve ever used. I can only recommend them!

Awwee yeee

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