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Step 1

Click on "Settings" and and choose "Network and Connections".

Step 2

Click on "VPN".

Step 3

Click on "+" to add a new VPN profile.
Enter PrivateVPN UK-London 6 (for ex.) as Profile Name, choose desired VPN server from the list of VPN servers and put the server address as "Server Address" (in our ex.

Step 4

Choose "Microsoft IKEv2 VPN Server" as Gateway Type

Step 5

Choose "EAP-MSCHAPv2" as Authentication Type and "Email address" as Authentication ID Type.

Step 6

Put your login credentials under Authentication ID and MSCHAPv2 Password.

Step 7

Adopt all the settings from the screenshots and click on Save button.

Step 8

Click on the profile to establish a VPN connection. If connection has been successfully established, the color of the profile changes.

You are done!